Chapter 23

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 “Oh, you mean like… people that are normal are taken and turned into them?” I ask. Felix nods his head.

 “Yes, it has to be that. The people; or Destroyers' as you call them, cannot use smells or go by looks. It has to be a normal- that had to be a normal person at one time.” Felix says.

 “So you mean that Destroyer could have been normal a few minutes ago?”

 “That could be possible, yes. That person could have just found us and turned into a Destroyer.”

 “Ohhhh! Sort of like when we went to that clothes store in Moscow and the lady turned into a Destroyer from her disguise, right?”

 “Yes, like that.” He says.

 I sigh and turn my gaze to the person dead on the floor.

 “Felix…” I say. His eyes look to me.


 “This Destroyer was Fran.” I say. Felix turns his gaze to the person. On the floor is Fran, her dress covered in blood, her neck open, and her face bruised. Felix and I look at each other with the same thought on our minds.

 “Where is Gregorio?” I ask.

 Felix yanks the curtain off of the rod and turns to Fran. He covers her with the torn curtain, making sure no part of her can be seen. He picks her body up and carries her out of the room and into the hallway. I follow Felix into our room.

 “Get a trunk.” Felix asks. I nod. I go to our closet and get his trunk and open it, setting it on the floor in front of him. Felix sets Fran's body in the trunk and locks it tight when he closes it.

 “We are going to their estate.” He says.  

 I step out of the carriage and run to the door of Gregorio Lombardi's estate, my hand to my bump. When I reach the door, my hands pound hard and I yell Gregorio's name. The door is opened and I step back in shock. Felix     now at my side steadies me.

 “It's ok, Evelyn.” Felix says.

 In front of me is Gregorio; his face unshaven and his hair messy and greasy, his body slumped over, his eyes bloodshot. On his cheeks are tears and tears stains. Felix makes sure I am steady on my feet and then walks to Gregorio.

 “Gregorio,” Felix says with his hand on his shoulder, “What happened? Why are you like this?” Gregorio looks dazedly into Felix's face.

 “Fran; she… I tried to stop her from going when the letter arrived.” He says in muffled tones. “But when I heard Evelyn's voice as she pounded the door, I knew.”

 “Knew what?” Felix asks.

 “That Fran was dead.” Gregorio slumps his head in sorrow. “That she has to be dead if you were alive.”

 “Gregorio,” I say slowly and in a whisper, moving close to him, “I am sorry. I loved Fran too. It was a shock to me when I found it was her.” I place my delicate hand on his other arm and I feel warm fluid. I pull back and three of my fingers are bloody. I gasp.

 “Come on.” Felix says. He pulls Gregorio inside and heads to the parlor. While he goes on, I run down to the carriage and get Lynette. I go back up and I hear thunder. I look up and the sky is gray.

 After pulling the door to, I go to the parlor. Felix takes Lynette and I sit down next to Gregorio's hurt arm that Felix has already pulled the shirt away. I close my eyes and I open my hands. I feel the cold liquid pool in my hands slowly. As I keep the focus on the power, I bring my hands to Gregorio's wound. It looks like a hand took a good gash if they yanked hard enough.

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