Chapter 4

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I thought the women who spoke was my mother, but clearly it wasn't. I knew it wasn't my mother when the women said, "Great, take her up stairs to my room!" How I know it wasn't her is that mother doesn't have a room in the City Hall, and when mother followed Felix who brought me up into the room, the women also followed and I heard mother and the women talking. So, I know for a fact that it wasn't mother.

I look over from the window I am sitting at in the women's room and I see Felix sitting at a chair in the corner. I sigh, I know he is sleeping or he would have answered my thinking. I look at his face, his expression is so normal. He isn't smiling, frowning or scowling. He is just... normal, and it looks good on him.

I stand and walk over to him, kneel down beside him and take his hand in mine. I smile. "You know," I begin in a whisper, "I love you very much. And I know how terrible you feel about killing me, but you had to. I know you had to. You told me you did, but I know how it tore you up. I know you feel like I will never forgive you, but you don't know how much I forgive you. I forgive you so much, I don't know how I can express it more then what I have. You haven't failed your mission in keeping me alive. Actually, you should feel proud. Your the only guardian that has cept alive the first born. You are the only one that has known how to bring back the first born, which the others couldn't have. The people kill them by decapitating them, so they cant come back. But you were smart enough to kill me in a way that would bring me back, you must understand that you are perfect for me. I love you." I lay my head on his lap, and before I knew it, a have fallen asleep.

But then I am awakened by Felix rubbing my hair. I look up, and he is smiling at me. I smile back, and I say, "What time is it?"

"Mhh, about nine. I think we need to go on down. We missed breakfast, and I know we are missed."

"Nine? How long was I sleeping?"

"Well, we reached this camp, which is called Fambridge, around six yesterday, and you were knocked out at six thirty. You woke up before I did, and when I woke and you were at my feet. You slept about sixteen hours, roughly."

"Oh, ok so I guess we do need to go down."

"Mh hm, we do." He stood and he kept a hold of my hand.

"There is someone you need to know about before we go down, ok?" He says.

"Ok, would it perhaps be a women?"

"Yes. Her name is Ashland, she is your great Aunt. She is the Head Parliament person, that is why she called order last night, before you were knocked out."

"Ok, she sounded just like my mother. In fact, I thought it was my mother." We were just about to leave the room when Felix stops.

"Well, she kind of was your mother. Every guardian has a double, who works as a parliament sedimentary. Sedimentary is what we call them, you don't have to worry about that though. The point is, is that when a guardian is picked, a double is made for the parliament. So you'll see a double me in the room when we go down. Come on, we need to go." He says as he opens the door and we walk down the stairs and there are the same loud yells as I enter.

Felix has a firm grip on me, to protect me from anyone who thinks I need to be sedated. He brought me into the parliament room and I see all the doubles sitting in their seats for the sedimentary, but they weren't wearing their wigs or their robes, but none the less I bet they were all in their seats. In the middle of the row, there was a women that looked exactly like my mother, and I know it is her double Ashland.

Felix brought me to the middle of the room while everyone was talking wildly and there was people all in the room. I cant believe these are all my family... 'Well, you have to think of all the people in your family with big family's, and their children have children who have even more children. So, its hard to believe but this is all your family.. all the same last name, too. Dovinat.' Felix says to me.

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