Chapter 22

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 I raise my head from my pillow, now sitting upright. My heart is racing fast. Felix rests his hand on my shoulder. “Are you alright?” He asks. I turn to him and nod my head.

 “I- I think so.” I answer.

 “What made you wake, Evelyn?” He asks.

 “Pain…” I whisper. His face gets fear. I have never seen him have fear.

 “Do you still have the pain?” He asks.

 “I do not think so. Felix, is the baby alright?” I ask worried.

 “Do you think something happened?”

 “No, I just want to know.” I say. He nods. His hand that is on my shoulder goes down to my small bump of a belly.

 “Yes, everything is fine.” He says. I sigh, thankful. “Did something happen?”

 “I am not really sure. I felt…something.” I say, placing a hand on the bump.

 “Was it what you felt a while ago? The baby forming powers?”

 “No, it was something else. Almost as if the baby shifted...”

 “You felt movement?” He asks.

 “It might have been…I have never had this before, so I don’t know for sure.” I say.

 “Alright then; do you think you can get some more rest?”

 “Yes… Felix, do you think Fran can come over later?” I ask.

 “Of course Evelyn, I think she can. I will send a letter for you after breakfast.” He says. I nod my head and lay back down. Felix does the same, but I do not know for sure if he goes back to sleep. When again I wake he is awake as well.

 I stand and go to my closet. I pick out a simple white gown with a navy blue shawl. When I am dressed and walk out of the closet I see Felix in a very amiable suit; his overcoat black and his hair just the way I like it. He laughs.

 “What?” I ask.

 “Just the way you are.” He says.


 “You are such a girl.”

 “Oh, and is that a bad thing?” I ask in a joking manner.

 “No; but I really love to listen to the way you think about me.” He says with a snigger.

 “You do know you have the advantage that others wish they had, right?” I say.

 “Yes, I do know that.”

 “Of course you did. Now, may we go to breakfast?” I ask.

 “Now; we normally go at least an hour after we have been up?”

 “Yes I know but I have the strange craving for a biscuits and pork…” I say. Felix laughs, actually he laughs so hard that he has to catch big breaths. “Was it that funny? Goodness I didn’t even try to make you laugh.”

 “That, my dear, was great. Of course you are hungry! And of course you have cravings!” He laughs again.

 “Sure, make fun of me. I see how it is. Come on Felix, let's go. I am sure you can fill something in that stomach of yours.” I say. Felix laughs again.

 Felix takes Lynette as we walk down the steps. I have one hand on the bump and the other on the railing. Oh dear, I think to myself, I cannot imagine getting bigger going down these steps.

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