Chapter 28

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Gregorio sets his bag of medicine on the ground near me. There is more light now than there was the first time I came to the pond. Ashland has someone holding a torch that guided us here. This time wasn't as romantic like walking up here with just Felix. Now there are too many people here.

Felix is on my other side on the ground. We left Lynette at City Hall with Felix's double. He will keep her safe.

"Alright, are you ready?" Gregorio asks me.

I nod anxiously. I don't know what I am about to find, or if it will even accomplish what I want. But more than that, I am about to see my mother and my father. Oh my precious father! I haven't seen him in so long.

"I am ready." I say more confidently.

As the needle goes into my arm, I leans back onto the grass next to the beautiful water. Felix stares down at me. "I'm right here. I won't leave you."

I nod and then turn my head to look at the water again. The water of the small pond is so clear and colorful at the same time, like it's illuminated. Twisting my finger around a blade of grass, I drift off to sleep.

Whispers surround me. First they are light, almost as if they were coming from inside me. Then they become louder and louder until I an make out what they are saying. They are chanting my name.

Opening my eyes, I see a bridge in front of me. Around me are pockets of fog, and as I walk through them I feel the softest mist upon my skin I have ever felt. I walk over the bridge, glancing over the edge a couple times to see the fog dance.

At the end if the bridge is a circle of chairs large enough to fill the Queen of England's palace. It is a huge circle, and as I walk closer, I hear the chanting again.

I enter the circle and see men and women smiling down at me, saying my name over and over. "Victoria, Victoria, Victoria."

But two voices in particular tug at my memories. At the dinner table, when mother would call for my attention. When my siblings and I played outside all day and father would call me to take my rising lessons. On cold winter mornings when my mother bribed me with my favorite tea to practice my piano.

Those are the voices I search for to find it's owner. I turn and turn trying to find them and, finally, I do. The mere sight of them make me cry.

"Come here, Victoria." my father opens his arms for me. I run to him and fall into his strong arms. Feeling like a little girl again, I enjoy the warmth from my father.

"I've missed you." I whisper.

"Well," he pulls away just enough to look at me, "look at that. You have been busy down there in the real world, have you not?"

Coming back to reality, I forgot about my baby! "Yes!"

Mother comes to my side and gasps. "A baby!"

I hug her tightly. Not having seen her in such a long time, I longed for her hug. "How soon will it arrive? Wait, don't tell me. In... about two months?"

"Around that time I believe." I agree.

"Oh I am so happy! I am glad you came! But I will not lie and act as if I do not know why you are here."

"How could you...?" I ponder.

"Victoria," says a voice from behind, "we know everything." I turn and see a man standing there. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Benefold Von Dovinat, the first born that started this all. We all know why you are here."

His name sounds important. "He is important, Victoria." mother sets a hand to my shoulder.

"You were reading my mind?" I ask her. She nods, her cheeks reddening.

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