Chapter 26

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Felix helps me out of the carriage and walks me toward the door of our apartment.

 “No, this isn’t our apartment. Ours is next to it.” He answers me from reading my mind.

 “Oh, well who are we meeting?” I ask.

 It must be someone important, like a relative of mine. I wish it could be one of my siblings, but they are off in their own life. It could never come to pass that we happen to meet…right?

 Felix opens the door and lets me walk in first.

 Ashland and Gregorio sit in the living room on the couch and a man around Felix's age sits across from them in a chair. I walk in and notice that Lynette is not here.

 “She is awake!” Gregorio says in his Italian accent.

  “Hello Evelyn.” Ashland says. I nod my head and acknowledge their hellos. The man stands and walks near to me and Felix. Felix and the man shake hands.

 “Hi Felix, it is good to see you.”

  “It is good to see you too, Harold!” Felix says. This must be the person I am meant to meet. But where have I heard Harold before? I could have sworn I have heard the name Harold before.

 “Oh, by the way Evelyn, Lynette is in the bedroom over there.” Gregorio says, pointing to the bedroom in the corner. His hands are clasped together by rope. What happened?

 “Ok, thank you.” I say. As I walk away, I brush my hand over Felix's arm to let him know I'm leaving.

 I walk into the door and I see a figure holding Lynette. My heart skips a beat as I gasp. The person turns to let me see their face, and I place a hand over my mouth.

 “Evelyn, what an adorable baby you have!” She says. I stare in shock.

 “Sarah…” I whisper. She smiles and oh, all the memories of us as children rush through my mind. “Jacqueline!”

 I run, (as best I can) over to her. We embrace in a big hug, and I feel as though we will never let go of each other. My bump gets in the way and Jacqueline pulls back to look. She gasps and smiles wider.

 “Oh! I had no idea!” She says wonderingly.

  “Yes, Felix and I are so happy.”

 “How long have you known the news?!”

 “About…a month?” I say.

 Jacqueline cries with happiness and hugs me again.

 “Oh Evelyn, I am so happy for you! Two children! What are you going to name your baby?”

 “Felix and I aren’t sure yet.”

 “Ahhh!” She shrieks again. “Exciting, is it not?!”

 Lynette giggles like a little girl. Jacqueline makes a funny face at Lynette and then her body begins to glow. I forgot, she can glow like a star.

 “There…isn’t that clever? I tell you what Ev; whoever started these powers had an active imagination.” She says. I laugh and agree with her. Then, I remember Gregorio.

 “Jacqueline, what happened to Gregorio?” I ask.

 “Oh the Italian doctor that came with you? He is being put under secure watch while they question him.”

 “Question him about what?”

 “His life I guess. Did he really marry a person?”

 I sigh, remembering Fran. All that time she was against me! When we went shopping she could have killed me!


 “Oh dear!”

  “Jacqueline…” I meant to ask her how she was feeling, but I dropped it. “I am so glad you are safe.”

 We embrace in another hug and do the same thing, squealing over the new baby.

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