chapter 5

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He is alive. My little brother Edward is still alive. 'Are you with Jane?' I ask.

'No. You do know her name is Janiel, right? And that my name is Elijah?" he says.

'Yes, I know. Are you safe, truly safe?'

'Yes, I promise.' I sigh with relief.

'Victoria? I am scared.'

'Why are you scared?'

'My guardian, Miranda, when she came back from giving Janiel back to Walker, and she said that we were in grave danger. I am scared! We were at a safe place, but now we are in the carriage again. Victoria, the people who killed daddy are after me!'

My heart drops so low I can hardly breath. Then I am angry. First, I cant even call Edward Edward anymore. Second, Elijah had to see father killed, right in front of his eyes. His cute, adorable dark brown eyes that had to see fathers blood pooling in the snow he had just played in. I am then angry about Ashland. I could tell Felix about this, right now if he were awake, but he isn't. I want t march down to City Hall, open those doors to the parliament room, and give Ashland a good slap in the face.

Actually, I think I will. I begin to stand when I hear, 'Victoria, I have heard good news! Miranda has told me that you are being married! I hope that who it is makes you happy, because if I know you, he HAS to make you happy.' I smile, and I look at Felix. All the more for me to go right into City Hall....

'Thank you, Edward. He does make me happy. His name is Felix. But I do not know when we are going to have the wedding.'

'Oh, well I hope I will be invited.'

'Oh you will, Elijah, I promise. I wouldn't let you out of it for the world.' I have a feeling right now he is smiling.

'Goodbye, Victoria.'

'Goodbye, Edward.'

I sit back down in my seat, and I look at Felix. The anger builds again, and I am on my feet within seconds. I walk out of mothers bedroom and she says, "Where are you going?"

"Back to City Hall." She runs to me and grabs my arm, pulling me around to face her. I never knew she was that strong.

"No, they told you to be excused until dinner! When they excuse you, especially done by Ashland, you have to listen to their orders or you will be punished!"

"They wont punish me."

"Oh but they will!"

"They wont! I am to valuable. Don't you get it? They wont hurt me. I mean to much to them." Her grip loosens, but still hold on. She sighs, and lets go.

I begin to walk but she runs in front of me and says, "Wait, what are you going for?" That makes me think.

"Mother, whenever my siblings and I would get a cold or something, you were the one to help us, why is that?"

"Well, whenever a guardian is picked, they have to learn how to do all the things that their person is that they were picked for. Well, when a guardian is finally married, they must learn how to heal things. To heal things as their children so they don't have to call a doctor to secure the safety of not being found. What did you need to know that for?" She says.

"Well, the doubles can do just the same as the guardian, right?"

"Yes." I smile at my discovery, and then mother sees what I am planning.

I wrap my cape on tight and head out the door. I don't bother with the carriage when I am offered, I just keep walking. There are the same quiet people around me, walking everywhere. But since they aren't talking, I can read every single one of their thoughts. They know who I am. They look at me, and I hear them thinking, 'She looked at me! Victorious looked at me! Wait until I tell my husband!'

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