Chapter 13

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Aislyn sleeps in my arms under a small blanket while it rains. Demyan walks back to my side and holds me in his arms. We both watch the new crucial sight at the base of the terrace.  

Madame Heather Taunt 

Born April 1, 1718 

Died March 4, 1737 

A beloved wife who died only seconds before her husband. May Heather's spirit and love live through the grass and earth she was laid in. Always remember your daughter Heather; a daughter who did not know but who loved her mother very much.

Monsieur Philippe Taunt  

Born January 27, 1716 

Died March 4, 1737 

As a loved husband and father, may he be a vision of someone to be. Philippe lived a good life; a loved son by his parents, a wanted man by his wife, and a needed father from his daughter. May Philippe rest in peace. 

I read over and over these words. Demyan kisses my head and whispers in my ear, "We must be leaving."  

I look up at him and stare for a moment. I nod. "Where will we go? We finally found a place where we could live; where will we go now?" I ask. 

Demyan looks down and then back to me. "We have to make her a part of our family now. We have to go back to Fambridge."  

"Back to Russia? But how, we, we just left there." 

"Yes I know; but we have to be sure we can have her. If the Council says yes, we will keep her." 

"And what if the Council says no?" 

"Then Aislyn will not be ours to keep."  

That rages fire in me. I feel my face turn red. 

"But Philippe asked for us to take care of her!" I whisper coldly. Demyan chuckles and kisses my cheek.  

"Then we must hurry to the council and you must tell your story." He says. He bends down and takes me in his arms for a passionate kiss. "Come, they will want to hear details. We must go now while our memory is fresh."

The carriage rolls its way into the dark Harpeth. Aislyn sleeps in my arms, and I myself am falling asleep in Demyan's arms. I stare into oblivion as to when the last time I was coming from the outside world to Harpeth.  

I was angry with Demyan, who was Felix back then, who wouldn't speak to me. Then he told me all about myself that I didn't know and what my siblings and I are capable of. And last, I was dead for an instance. I can still feel the scar if I rub under my jaw. Just the tiny slash from a dagger and I was dead, lying in Demyan's arms.  

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing too." Demyan said. I laugh. 

"I love how you can read my mind." I say.  

"Sometimes; sometimes you hate it. I try not to these days, but since we were so quiet I was wondering if you were dreaming." 

"Oh, can you read my dreams too?" 

"Better then read them, I can see them. Whenever you have your nightmares, I can watch them. But I usually wake you when I realize you are terrorized by your nightmares." 

"Wow, I didn't know you could do that. Can I?"  


"Oh, I'll try it." I say. Then I realize something and I laugh to myself. "Oops; I kind of need to know how to, though." 

"It's basically the same way you read minds. Just focus." He says. 

Focus...I see something. An image of some sort. I then see the dream of Aislyn.  

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