Chapter 21

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“Felix, what do you think it means? Or if it even means anything?” I ask. Lynette throws back her head and looks at me with her beautiful smile. I tighten my hold on her as she sits in my lap, giving her a hug.

 “Well,” Felix begins, “it could mean anything. Or, it could just be a dream. You know how weird dreams are.”

 “Yes… but why would I dream about that?” I ask.

  “I am not sure, Evelyn.”

 I look from Felix to the window. I don’t know why I looked to the window, its dark so I cannot see out. It reminds me of Harpeth, but no darkness can ever be like Fambridge.

 “Well, you woke just in time for dinner. Would you like to eat?” He asks. Just then, my stomach rumbles.

 “I think that would be a great idea. I haven’t eaten since breakfast!” I say. Felix and I laugh and stand, Lynette looking at both of us.

 When we get settled at the dinner table, (Lynette in her side chair beside me), Felix orders the food to come. When it is, it is brought out on silver plates. First we have a salad with bread and olive oil. Next, we have chicken and pasta, (again with bread). I help Lynette eat tiny cut slices of chicken, every once in a while giving her a sip of milk.

 Once we are alone and the cook is back in his quarters, Felix and I may speak freely. “So what did you put in the letter?” I ask. Felix swallows and dabs at his mouth with his napkin.

 “The letter is just an update on everything.” He says. He picks up his glass and takes a drink.

 “Oh. I bet you added the part of me being sick, didn’t you?” I ask.


 “Ok. Felix, I was wondering if Ashland had mentioned the time she would be sending my aunt.”

 “I think I remember her saying your aunt will arrive in a week. Why?”

 “I was just wondering.” I say. Felix nods his head.

 “Later I will add the part of the dream you had. Maybe Ashland will know what it means.”

 “Yes… maybe. Who knows what that woman knows?” I say. Felix laughs, putting his fork down. I chuckle, but then Lynette gets my attention. I take a tiny slice of chicken and hold it to her lips. Her mouth pens and her soft lips cover the tips of my fingers to take the bite. I smile. Soon, in a couple months, I will have two precious children!

 “Felix, what do you think our baby will be?” I ask.

 He looks at me with a blank face. “Um… what do you mean?” He asks. I laugh to myself.

 “Do you think our baby will be a girl or a boy?”

 “Ohh, well Evelyn, I don’t know.”

 “Which would you want?”


 “Ha-ha me too; but what will we name it?” I ask.

 “I don't know. Do you have any favorite names?” He asks. Just then I think of something.

 “I guess it wouldn’t matter what we name it. What if we have to leave and change names again?”

 “Oh you're right… but hey! If we name the child something, that name is what stays on the birth certificate at Parliament. The council writes it down and it will always be that name even if we change it.” He says.

 “So you mean I'm still Victorious?” I ask.

 “Yes, you always will be, Evelyn.” He jokes. Both of us laugh.

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