chapter 6

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In the morning I open my eyes, it is dark. Next to me in the bed is mother, and on the floor is Felix. I know he is uncomfortable, he said so in his thoughts last night. I wish that mothers apartment had anther bed, but I know Felix would never leave me to have a bed to call his own. 

Dear Lord I hope everyday isn't like this. The past few days I have been here haven't been very interesting. If you want to call Felix getting whipped interesting ,I DON'T, but that and when I got Ashland to heal Felix and when I heard from Edward is practically the only interesting thing. Today, I vow to make it interesting... only how do I do it? 

I roll on the side of the bed to see Felix's eye's, to see if they are open, but it is to dark. The rain is a little harder now, the days I have been here have been practically like no rain because it was just sprinkling and the trees made it like well, no rain. But today, I thank the rain...for making today just a little bit more different then the day before. 'I know what you mean, Victoria. But what are you going to do? How can you make today any more interesting then the day before?' Felix says.

'Felix, I cant just live here like the rest of my family. They say I am needed, then in which way? If I am necessary, then what am I really here for? To keep me safe from the people until they find me and kill me? Or then what will happen? If I leave before they kill me, then what do I do? Go to another village? You cant kill me again, that has been used already. And if they do kill me, they will probably kill you as well because you deceived them.'

'Victoria, I guess I'm not the person to preach this to. You need to tell this to Ashland.'

'Felix you and I know I cant talk to that women let alone breath next to her. I don't want to share my breathing space.' Felix laughed.

"Well, then I guess you need to live like this everyday until the people find out the truth. Whenever they figure it out I know what to do, it is what I have been trained for." I begin to say something, but I don't say it. I suddenly feel lonely, lonely of Felix's arms around me. 

"You know what could be different today?" Felix asks.

"What? Ashland gets punched in the face?" He laughs.

"No. I know of a place around here that no one really goes to anymore. I could show it to you today if you want." I smile.

"Sure, that sounds great. I think we might need to go before it gets any later and Ashland sends out her messenger again about the dinner last night." I say.

He laughs, "Yea, I guess so. I will let you dress, just let me get out of here for you." We stand in unison, and he kisses me on my forehead. He closes the door behind him as he lets me dress alone. Well, sort of alone. Mother is still sleeping. 

I finish dressing and I step out of the room into the living room. Felix turns from the window, he still has sleep hair. "Fine, fix it." He says. I laugh and walk to him. I run my hands through his hair, it looking better already. Felix's eyes are on me, I know for sure, but I try to keep my eyes on his hair. But of course I don't succeed, and I steal a look at him, and he swings me in his arms. He lands me down on my feet and gives me a kiss. "By the way, good morning." He says. I laugh. 

We walk out of the apartment and for once there is no people walking around. How early did we wake up? Six, seven? I'm not sure. 'It is five.' Felix answers me. I knew he would. 

We walk into the woods, instantly darker because of no lanterns. "Don't worry, I know where it is. Hold on to me so you don't get lost." Felix says.

"So where are we going, exactly?" I ask.

"You will see, and I bet you anything you will like it." he says. I know he is smiling, I can tell. We walk on without saying much, my anticipation growing. I stumble over rocks or overgrown roots but Felix is right there to keep me on my feet. 

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