Chapter 3

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I scream as I lift my head from the pillow. I begin to breathe heavily, and then it slows down. I put my hand to my head, it is dripping with sweat. I close my eyes, and then I feel someone at my side. “Victoria, are you alright?” Felix asks. I open my eyes, and he is kneeled at my side. I nod my head. “Was it the dream again?” He asks.

 “Yes, I don’t see how I can get it out of my mind, Felix. Every night, I have the same dream. I see my father’s head on the ground, and then I am knocked out. I am then awakened and told to be put in a carriage with Jane and Edward, and I was told Daniel and Sarah was already gone. And then Jane and Edward were taken from me, and you were there. And then we reached Harpeth, and we were safe. And then you told me what I was and what I was capable of, and then you told me we were to be married.  And then you killed me…” I trail off; I reach up to my neck and feel under my chin, rubbing the scar.

 Felix sighs, “I’m sorry it haunts you. But I had to kill you to get them off our trail, I knew they were following. And then, when I held you in my arms, your blood gushing from your head, I looked into your eyes. I watched them as they were open, and then they slowly closed… I’m sorry I had to kill you.”

 I look at him, the light from my window barely letting me see his face, and I rest my hand on his shoulder. “Don’t be sorry. I now know it was for the better. I thank you for doing what was right.”

 And then his lips don’t move, but he says, ‘I love you.’ I hear in my mind.

 ‘I love you too.’ I say to his mind. I finally am able to use my telekinesis, and it really comes in handy.

 ‘Can you sleep some more?” He asks.

 ‘I’ll try, I know I need sleep.”

 I take my hand that was on his shoulder and put it on his cheek, and I rub it. I feel a tear go down from his eyes, and then I say, “Oh please do not cry for me! You had to kill me!”

 “Shh!” He says. I am not supposed to yell out loud about it, knowing someone will overhear.

 ‘Please, do not cry. You did what was right Felix. You had to kill me, or else the people would have. When they finally found us, I was still dead. They checked me, and I was truly dead. They still think I am dead Felix. I am still dead to them. But you knew how to bring me back. You contacted Miranda, and she brought Jane to us to bring me back.”

 I feel his head look up to me, and he says, ‘And when I saw your eyes flutter open again, I knew there was still hope. But when you screamed when you saw me, I felt so horrible. But I had to kill you...’

 ‘I understand Felix! I understand wholeheartedly! They only reason I ran from you was because I was scared of you, I thought you were still going to kill me. But I know now that you will not let anything happen to me, I know you love me. And I love you too…’

 Felix sighs, and he reaches up to me and kisses me on my forehead. “Get some rest now, I won't leave you. I am right here.” He says. I lay my head down, and Felix rises and sits on a chair in the corner of the room. I drift back into sleep instantly.

 When again I wake, it is morning. But being in Harpeth, it is always dark, or at least cloudy. The storm that welcomed me is constant. Harpeth never has a time when it is not raining, even if it is just sprinkling. But when I wake, it is dark. I rise, and I see Felix in the corner, sleeping with his head resting on the wall behind him. I smile, he stayed for me.

 ‘Of course I stayed. I told you I wouldn’t leave.’  He says in my mind. ‘You should get dressed. I’ll wait outside the door for you.’  He says as he stands and comes to me, kisses me on my cheek, and walks to the door, opening and closing it as he goes out.

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