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Wicked games-the Weeknd

"Com'on" Harry whisperd, pulling my earlobe with his teeth. Harry spun me around taking a step back. I looked at him confused but he just smirked. He put one hand in his pocket while the other one was on my lower back. Harry pulled out two small pills and grinned at me. I raised an eyebrow and mimicked his smile. He put both of them on his tongue and leaned in kissing me, hard. I swallowed it and pulled back. Harry led the way between the sweaty bodies, stopping in the middle. He put both of his hands on my hips, moving them with his own. My body was pressed to his, creating a strong friction. I was lost in the music and Harry to notice anything and anyone.
"Dance for me." He demanded and I listened. Harry moved to the corner of the room and leaned on the wall. His eyes were dark, almost all of the green was gone.
"You're beautiful." he said, putting his hand between my thighs. He spun us around so his body was covering mine, while I was pressed to the wall.
"Harry I..." he pushed two fingers inside me and started pumping.
The sensation was thrilling, my body slowly losing control. My mouth was parted so he took the chance to push his tongue into my mouth. Harry added another finger and my body arched from the wall, my chest pressed to his.
"Is it good baby?" He asked, moving his thumb over my clit.
"Mhmmm." I hummed followed by a couple of moans. I was done soon enough, my body falling on his. It's a good thing he's holding me up because my knees are still shaking. He put the fingers into his mouth, licking them clean.
"Fuck, I want more of you." He groaned, pulling me out the back door. Harry is shifting his weight from one side to another or maybe it's just the way I see it. The city looks bright as ever and the music from the club is still heavily ringing in my ears.
Harry has a huge smile on his face and I can't help but smile at him.
"You know how to get home?" Harry looked at me confused after I said the word home as in his apartment.
"Um yeah, it's a block away." Harry took my hand in his, interweaving our fingers. People were giving us strange looks but I can't really blame them, I tripped over my own feet at least two times. We saw Harrys building and for some reason we both ran up the stairs, knowing there is an elevator. Harry unlocked the door and patiently waited for me to go in first. He closed the door and the room was pitch black. My senses are not really trustworthy right now so was completely useless in navigating myself in the apartment. My body was pushed to the nearest wall and pressed by Harry's. He waited no time to kiss me. Harry took of his blazer and threw it on the floor, next was my leather jacket. He pushed my dress up and I wrapped my legs around his torso. He carried me like that in the dark and we made it with almost no injuries. Harry let go of me and my body feel on the soft bed. He positioned himself between my legs and reconnected our lips. I swear his like a drug that I can never get enough. It's like with every touch my skin is on fire. Harry pealed off the dress, my bra and panties not far behind. He took off his shirt while i unbuttoned his pans and pulled them off along with his boxers.
"El you are amazing." he said licking his bottom lip. He pulled out a condom from the nightstand and ripped it open with his teeth. I had no trouble putting the condom on cause he was good and ready.
Harry crashed his mouth on mine, while he without any hesitation pushed all the way in. I winced in pain, but the stinging was soon replaced with pleasure.
"Shit..El I..forgot.." he said between breaths. He pulled out, then slowly continued. This is amazing but I don't wanna be the only one enjoying this, and I know he's holding back.
"Faster." I say and grab his bicep when he pushes in deeper.
"You feel so good baby." Harry says moving his mouth to my neck, bitting it. This time he hit a whole other angle and it was pure ecstasy.
"Oh my God." I moaned and lifted my hips to meet his. Harry thrusts were getting faster and the pressure in my stomach was getting hard to control.
"Come on El." a couple of moans of his name I came to my high. A few more deep thrusts he released into the condom. Our body's were covered in sweat and our breathing was irregular. He pushed the damp curls that were on his face up and turned to me.
"How did you like it?" He asked all excited.
"Even tho I know I won't be able to walk normally for at least a few hours..." he stared laughing like a little kid, dimples showing.
"You really know your stuff, huh?"
"Well sex has been my speciality for some time now." He said with a proud smile. Well I can't say he's wrong.
"I'm here to please, to satisfy your needs." He teased and I pushed his shoulder.
"Did you come up with that all yourself."
"Wow, smart." He pinched my ass and I yelped and glared at Harry who was laughing .
"Oh come on El.." he pulled me on top of him so my legs were on each side of his thighs.
"I love you.." I felt his hands sneak behind me, giving my ass a tight squeeze "and that little ass of yours.." He sat up and gave me a small kiss, then pulling us both back on the bed.
Love you lots

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