Slow Suicide by zelaughingqueen
Slow Suicideby ✑mars.
❝He was a smoker. She asked him why. He said it was his slow suicide.❞ - REVIEWS: "Slow Suicide is one of the best books that I've read. A beautiful story of two s...
  • suicide
  • sad
  • innocent
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Star Gazers [BXB] by OminouslyAnonymous
Star Gazers [BXB]by Anon Ominous
*Spinoff/Sequel of Lab Partners (Recommended you read Lab Partners first.)* "You know, you shouldn't smoke those things," I spoke softly, referring to the ciga...
  • bullies
  • savior
  • cigarette
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Cigarette Smoke // FILLIE by xrish_st
Cigarette Smoke // FILLIEby Stranger Person
A young girl with a curious mind and innocent soul stumbles upon a skeptical boy with no passion and a love for cancer sticks. Who knows what will happen when the two ar...
  • cigarettesmoke
  • fillie
  • smoke
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Vergil the Virgin (boyxboy) by SneezingTurtle
Vergil the Virgin (boyxboy)by -less
Vergil's brain was overstocked. Math, Science, Physics, random facts, insect anatomy, the first 500 digits of the Pi number and, surprisingly, much more. So where did al...
  • daddy
  • homosexual
  • cigarette
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Troubled With Tattoos by unforgiven_mess
Troubled With Tattoosby Arabella
❝What if I fall?❞ ❝Then I'll catch you.❞ ❝He was arrogant, obnoxious, funny, cocky, sarcastic, a know it all, a delinquent, a bad influence, yet knowing all these thing...
  • secret
  • quirky
  • wattys2016
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Bad Habits by kindawhatever
Bad Habitsby hanna
Scarsdale Academy. The boarding school for the wealthy teens and the future of tomorrow. For Johanna Spencer, it's her only option unless she wants jail time from the st...
  • goodgirl
  • highschool
  • badboy
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Without by reese0303
Withoutby reese0303
Lexi has to figure out how to deal with losing the most important person in her life, her best friend Reese, and sometimes the only way she can cope is to turn back to s...
  • weed
  • cigarettes
  • smoking
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Boy Named Ethan by virtualistic
Boy Named Ethanby ☁︎ V ☁︎
*some chapters have been taken down for revision* "I promise you that one day when you look back, all of this will hurt a little less." _______ Ethan Wilde is...
  • cigarettes
  • drugs
  • depression
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diamond //sweet pea// by lovley_as_a_lily
diamond //sweet pea//by Self Identified Loner
//A diamond, while on the surface is beautiful, embodies strength// Dallas Wiley was beautiful. She was strong and damn was she independent. She pushed away everyone and...
  • toni
  • school
  • jughead
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The Bad Boy Weeded My Garden | ✔️ by rosyposies
The Bad Boy Weeded My Garden | ✔️by El
A fast romance between a quiet girl and bad boy. Tara has been bullied all her life for something that isn't her fault. Her gay parents. She wouldn't change a thing abo...
  • cigarette
  • plants
  • gaycouple
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Just friends by bellskiess
Just friendsby Bella
Completely ignoring the subject, he changes the topic, " Can you be my fake girlfriend for awhile?" How can he asked something like that with a straight face? ...
  • boy
  • heartbreak
  • teenrebellion
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➫ ˢᵐᵒᵏᵉ by LUSHMIN
➫ ˢᵐᵒᵏᵉby 𝓂𝑜𝑜𝓃𝓁𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉
The boy hands the other a lollipop. 彡 "Maybe that'll sweeten that bitter attitude of his." in which jungkook is addicted to cigarettes and taehyung just wants...
  • bts
  • kookv
  • taekook
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Stroke  by The_fantastic_duo
Stroke by The Fantastic Duo
Previously known as "Mental Love." 17 years old Violet Cavalli considers herself an outcast for lack of better words, but in her defence most of the people wh...
  • anxiety
  • isolated
  • shaking
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rich & sad • post malone au  by postyhoe
rich & sad • post malone au by xannah montana
money can't buy happiness
  • rapper
  • depression
  • pants
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Smoky Petals ~Lams~ by YoYoItsNico
Smoky Petals ~Lams~by ImYxurDxmxge
!HEAVILY INSPIRED BY @SmolJohnL 's BOOK "Pastels and Punks"! Cover made by @-Eaker !! Go check them out! "Dear diary, Hi! I'm John Laurens! I wanted to g...
  • highschool
  • marliza
  • meggy
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| My Smoke | × || 민윤기 X Reader || by marieisaneko
| My Smoke | × || 민윤기 X Reader ||by 마리♡
❝I'm not your 5 minute Cigarette break, you can't put me out after lighting me up❞ [ Min Yoongi × Reader] a heavy smoker and a women with a love for...
  • kimtaehyung
  • sugaxreader
  • btsyoongi
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The Mission We Fell by EpicTragedy
The Mission We Fellby TRAGEDY
Lincoln Cole is every girl's dream at Hamilton High - either you hate him within seconds of meeting him or fall desperately at his knees. He's the captain of the footbal...
  • younglove
  • romance
  • teen
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cigarettes   ,   ⁱᵃⁿ ᵍᵃˡˡᵃᵍʰᵉʳ by aesketit
cigarettes , ⁱᵃⁿ ᵍᵃˡˡᵃᵍʰᵉʳby — JUG 🎬
cigarettes ( ian g. )
  • cigarettes
  • shameless
  • ian
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The Beverly Hills BadBoy  by mkayyxamyy
The Beverly Hills BadBoy by xAmesx
"This is my house Princess, don't underestimate the things I could do." He says slowly, almost like he was trying to threaten me. It sadly was working. ...
  • hatred
  • boxer
  • drama
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cat ears , {hes} by bloomersclub
cat ears , {hes}by aurora_
"Who's the girl with the cat ears? " - In which a man falls for a girl he can't have. - a copyright; bloomersclub 2018 !age-gape!ddgl!
  • agegap
  • liampayne
  • harryedwardstyles
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