My birthday cop is my teacher?

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Ariel, AKA Jasper is dyslexic. She stays behind in high school while her twin sister Aquata goes of to collage.
On her 19th birthday party shes having a small house party with her best friends, Chrissie, Jessica, Kaya and Emma, when the present they got for her walks in. Wearing a police uniform and with his 2 sexy back up.

Aaron Lawing is new town and trys to make a bit of money before he has to go to his new teaching job. The only job he could get at the time was as a stripper. On the 29th of October he goes to a house for a girls 19th, he takes his 2 best friends Wess and Mitch and they spend the night. Aaron liked Jasper he decided he wanted a relationship with her. Only 1 problem. She is to be his student.

Jasper may be dyslexic but shes AMAZING at art and when she gets a new art teacher, she realises that lifes not all as it seems.
I'm sorry but your story sounds like it was written by a ten year old. It's some sort of unrealistic utopia.
Like the book so far plus my son birthday is Oct 27-11 so ill keep reading

its alright:) better than none at all:)

your welcome:) ive only heard of this a few times so im not really sure about it:) i only know the percy j. kind:P  and tanxzz for clarifying it:) for a mom i thought she was reading  it like i do:P
wait.... im kinda confused.... if she dylatic {right spelling? } , how come she can read messages? or is it like those kinda messages here its read out? :? sorry {to anyone -and everyone- } if this sounded rude.... :P
wait i thought she was confused now... ariel / jasper ?