My Schizophrenic Lover (Under Slight Construction)

Kaden is a 15 year-old kid in foster care that has no idea was love is, being raised in an abusive home for 13 1/2 years, keeping his schizophrenic ways to himself he is living on lock down, talking to no one afraid if he does something might slip. Echo on the other hand is full of life and looking for that fairytale kind of love, setting out to find this she meets Kaden, falling in love with him after just on kiss. She just never thought her prince charming would have a Schizophrenic mind set.
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if it was possible for people to go into fictional universes, i would go in right here and punch trevor in the face
Yes most of my friend too. I guess I depend on being yourself and what 'crowd' your in.
In my school almost ALL of the kids that are my friends (mostly all of my grade) read and tell each other new books that we should read
@Shadow_of_the_day  how are they just somewhat working, if you don't mind me asking?
@Love_Albrecht hahah cause i told her about it an she is going to read it i love the book its so far my favorite on wattpad :)
hahah sorry i was trying to get my friend Miranda to find me she just got a wattpad excuse our weirdness 

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