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The Pretty Girl And The Nerd (COMPLETE)

The Pretty Girl And The Nerd (COMPLETE)

25.7K Reads 2.2K Votes 27 Part Story
Madison M. Myers By donutandfries Completed

Adrien Agreste is the school nerd who everyone picks on, even his ex best friend Chloe. Now, he has no one. Until he meets Marinette Dupain-Cheng. A girl he met when Gabriel needed an assistant young enough to help with his new designed targeted at teenagers. Since her family is also rich, she's homeschooled until Adrien convinces her parents to let her go to a normal school.

Start: October 8, 2016
End:November 6, 2016

Ryunze Ryunze Jan 17
I'm screaming finally miraculous ladybug fanfics yeyesyesyes
Fangirl41234 Fangirl41234 Oct 28, 2016
Is it just me or is Gabriel giving adrien more freedom I dunno just some thoughts
ChineseDragon101 ChineseDragon101 Oct 27, 2016
OMG! Who are you and what have you done with Gabriel Agreste?
Lucille_16 Lucille_16 Jan 16
Carly huh, then Stay away from Adrien! He is Marinette's Soulmate. If you fall for him you better run. Muwahahaha!!
2cool4uboo 2cool4uboo Dec 17, 2016
but marinette is not like adrein now tho she actually stands up to chloe
ChineseDragon101 ChineseDragon101 Oct 27, 2016
Omg! I can just imagine against the wall, ynder the window, with this lovestruck look on his face and his glasses ob lopsided! Adorable!