Sightless 『Miraculous Ladybug AU』

Sightless 『Miraculous Ladybug AU』

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Cliffhanger Queen By KryptiCat Completed

Marinette had unfortunately lost her eyesight in a horrid tragedy a year before. She dreads the first day of her sophomore year (10th grade/10th year), fearing that none of the students will want anything to do with the poor blind girl yet again. Luckily, Marinette is able to meet Adrien Agreste: a gorgeous, rich, and selfless blond model. It does not take very much for the two teenagers to quickly become the closest of friends. Little do they know, they are both about to acquire the most important responsibly of any teenager's life.


A huge special thanks to:
IDEA: Salty_Hawkmoth on Twitter
COVER: @SummerSnowQueen
EDITOR: @bokutoe

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I am still waiting on that faithful day, that Chloe's father will get thrown out of its position as Mayor.
FickleFangirl FickleFangirl Jul 08, 2017
Wow, how's this for building a strong backstory for a fanfiction? This is incredible! Very good writing!!
That's clever how you made a photo look like you've written your signature on the bottom of the page!
Shifter101 Shifter101 Mar 19
Oh, poor darling! Regular lights hurt my eyes enough, I can only imagine how badly extra-bright lights would hurt! :,(
Okay but did Chloé get arrested because I swear if she just got off the hook-
OMG....i just realized if she's blind that means she can never fashion design ever again....this story just got so much more sadder😭