~I'm Sorry~{Book One of the I'm Sorry series}

~I'm Sorry~{Book One of the I'm Sorry series}

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Demon of Satan By King-Dean-Of-Narnia Completed

Just 5 years ago, Marinette Dupain Cheng pulled a "harmless" prank on her only friend Adrien Agreste. Yet, the prank caused major issues in the Agreste family. Gabriel began beating his son Adrien, and blaming him for the disappearance of his mother. Ever since, Adrien takes out all his anger on Marinette, blaming her for everything that happened to him, causing her to self harm. Then one day, something changes. Both Marinette and Adrien get the chance to be different behind a mask. But what will happen if they discover who's behind the other mask?

WARNING: Self harm, language, and abuse. Read at your own risk(doesn't last long, or get too far into detail to be honest)
~Started~ August 1st, 2016
~Completed~ December 28th, 2016

I do NOT own any characters in this story. The plot is mine, but I own nothing other than that unless I say so.

Grace5122 Grace5122 Nov 22, 2016
....WhY!? MY hEaRT...
                              ~Looks around room~
                              WHERE DID IT GO!?
MusicIsLife914 MusicIsLife914 Oct 16, 2016
This is why I stopped watching OUAT. To read this AMAZING FIC ASDFGHJKL
Maximum_Ride_14_15 Maximum_Ride_14_15 Sep 07, 2016
Well...I don't need this anymore. 
                              *throws heart in trash can*
donutandfries donutandfries Sep 10, 2016
Kill me...this hit me like a truck....to the heart...take it back Adrien....I can handle
Ephemeral_Beauty Ephemeral_Beauty Sep 17, 2016
Woah. My fingers are jut hovering over the keyboard. I don't know what to say. Adrien... How could you? That's harsh bro. That's too much. But it's fine.... I-I didn't need my heart anyways.
chelseawelchie101 chelseawelchie101 Nov 03, 2016
Hsjznrbz jznjs nMzenmz nds odr...
                              Nhuh.....Adrien you....im sorry... 
                              Get back together....pls....😢😭😔😣