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Tutor Sessions ||Adrienette

Tutor Sessions ||Adrienette

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• a m i t y • By Hiromimi Updated Mar 17

❝Even if there was no gravity left on earth I'd still fall for you.❞
  Sometimes, failing at things can lead to something beautiful; just like when Marinette failed Chemistry class.
   How can having a failing grade lead to something beautiful? Well, it's simply because their dear Chemistry teacher asked Adrien Agreste to tutor Marinette Dupain-Cheng until her grades get better. The result? Well, probably several awful puns, a couple of shared feelings, and a pinch of heartbreak.
  Ⓒ copyright 2016 | Hiromimi
  Disclaimer: Miraculous Ladybug is owned by Zagtoon
  Highest Ranking: #273 in Fanfiction || 5/28/16

This is how true love happens, you fail a class and your tutor is the man of your dreams
It's okay Mari. Failing a class definitely has done benefits
Luring Chloe into false sense of security and then stabbing her right in her ass, I like it
BusyBeedrill BusyBeedrill Jul 02, 2016
Ha, Chloe. I guess, you met my friend over here. If not, let me introduce you. Chloe, this is Karma. Karma, this is Chloe *whispers* I suggest you start now. It might take a while to completely repay her.
InspiringNfamous InspiringNfamous Nov 23, 2016
This is like the biggest FÛCK YOU from the universe to Chloe lmao
96bluediamond125 96bluediamond125 Jul 11, 2016
Shame Chloe she gets to spend time with Adrien and guess who doesn't ... YOU!!!