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Blackenflames By Blackenflames Updated Dec 26, 2015

So how did I meet my beloved mate? 

Well, our first interaction there's really no way to start it off good. Okay I'm just going to go out and say it

"I ran him over with my car. No, it wasn't on purpose! It just so happened he was out in the woods he ran in the street and wham.  He ruined the front of my car. Oh! I mean I was so scared he was hurt.

Before I didn't know he was my mate or what the heck a mate was. Unfortunately for me, I learned that the hard way with him constantly stalking me, and texting. It never end.

Meet Samantha Garcia (A.K.A Sammy) This one human is going to save the Dark Lunar pack from falling apart.  Josh, the cold hearted sadist, is the next alpha in line however, his parents are very reluctant in giving him the title. Many others in the pack don't want him as alpha unless he change his ugly behavior. So it's up to Sammy to change the Alpha's ways...whether she likes to or not

I love science and no matter what I think dihybrid punnet squares will be my favorite
speedywil1 speedywil1 Aug 14
I can barely remember one thing on the periodic table. How am I supposed to remember all of them.
Omg I have my own character score 1 and an art teacher Yas!!!!!!!!!!! So happy😍💖💕💗😊
speedywil1 speedywil1 Aug 14
My dad has a drinking problem too. But he doesn't try to hit anyone. So I guess that's good
ajok__ ajok__ Jul 05
I did this when I was having a bad day and a guy threw a snowball at me (I knew him) plus I slapped him in the face
5 dollars says she has hispanic blood running through her veins because thats what my tia maria (how typical) got rid of my uncle Ignacio (again how typical) but instead she burned his clothes and hit him in the balls for good measures