No lunch for me :*(

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OH the joy of writing, Im glad that I wrote this story, it may not be as famous as my vamire knights, but it feels good to write something thats mine :) And to those who are reading this or adding it to there reading list that makes happy tooo :D

Once the bell rang, I didn’t waste anytime to hurry up and get out of that class. Antonio was sadly dragging so, I had to pack all his things in his backpack for him.Which consist of me cramming all his papers inside :D He was very pissed off, boy when we left the classroom. We hurried down the stairs and headed to the best class!!! Yes, everyone should know what it is.....LUNCH. the only class that didn’t grade me or stressed me out. SO YES  I love lunch. Call me a fatass, i could careless, I Love food and no one was going to change our perfect relationship.Just taking a small whiff,  I could smell the sweet barbecue scent below lingering the halls where cafeteria was at.


“Why can’t you act excited like this for all the other classes you have” He sighed as I tried to pull his arm for him to walk faster.


“Quit yapping about the importance of education, and think for once about the importance of World Hunger....MY HUNGER!!!” I groaned. Can’t he move any faster!!!! If we don’t hurry there was definitely going to be  a long line!! When we arrived downstairs there was only 2 people in front of us so I guess, i couldn’t really complain but I was still hoping to be the first in line -.-

I grabbed my tray, which is always the blue tray, don’t know...why but it’s my favorite. As I was about to hand in my tray to the very kind lunch lady, a very tall, dark haired, sadly muscular guy cut in-front of me.


“Two sloppy joes” he smiled as he laid his tray on the silver medal table. I can feel Antonia consciously telling me to let it go, but I couldn’t. Out of total reflex, I took his empty tray and dropped on the ground as it made a very loud echoed clacking sound.


“Dear god kill me now” I heard Antonio muttered under his breath.


“I order you to pick that up” He snapped. I bet you're wondering, hey, isn’t that the same guy, who try to make you lick his shoes? DING DING. You are correcto!


“Well, I order you, to go fetch and get back in line like the rest” I said thumbing my finger towards the back as  I kicked his tray behind over to the back of the line. Yes, I’m boss, my soccer skills are freakin unbelievable.


“Pick. it. up” He said his voice getting lower with intense anger. I can already feel the student body staring at us.


“just let it go. and pick it up”  Antonio murmured. I guess hearing Antonio speak, the guy snapped his eyes toward him. Antonio tried to shrink away as much as he can from the scene.


“You. Go pick up my tray, now” He sneered pointing at him. Antonio nodded wordlessly about to do what the asshole told him to do. I slapped a hand on his chest, stopping him from going. “No. you move one inch and pick up that dickwads trey, I promise you, I kick and break every freakin bone on your lower body.” I threaten venomously.


“If you don’t pick up my trey, I’ll break every bone on your upper body” He growled.


Antonia put his hands up in surrender. “ What the fuck! Either way, my ass is going to kicked”


“No one’s ass is going to be kicked. Samantha Garcia, Josh Wolfe, come with me to my office right now” A voice that was so deep and throaty could only mean one thing. Someone called Principal Johnson. It shouldn’t be a surprise since the whole commotion we brought on. The lunch ladies must have freaked out and dialed him like a person who would call 911.


Me and dumbass followed the principle with the eye daggers of his group of clic giving me which I happily gave back.


“This could all be over, if you take the blame” He harshly whispered to me. I didn’t even respond, instead I let my middle finger do the talking.


“Bitch” He growled.


“What was that?” The principle did quick turn back at us.  I couldn’t help but pull a up a smirk. “Yeah, Josh, what did you say?”


“nothing” He muttered.


Now The principal office was filled with pictures of his cats. Fact, Mr. Johnson loves cats, but don’t think of him as wimpy man that’s quiet. NO! This man, is ruthless . He served a good amount of time in the military and knows how to deal with teens. He didn’t bother on asking us what happened, Principle Johnson isn’t the type of guy on who started it. If you were involved then both receives the punishments unless someone is noble enough to take the blame then the other one is home free. But Today, I don’t feel like being noble, especially when I have no food, in my stomach.


“You two as of right now, will eat lunch in detention for a whole week and at the end of the day for that whole week, you two will be scraping gum under the desk in room 201” He said handing us a yellow slip to the in class detention was at. Looking at the slip of paper today’s detention was going to be held in Mr. Anderson class.  I couldn’t say I was that pissed, he was my favorite teacher. Although I can tell once I get there, he’s going to be very disappointed.


Once we were dismissed, I headed to the cafeteria to get my sandwich. I already knew that my sloppy joe was all gone since the sweet smell was gone also. I came out from the lunch room and was going about go to detention when I was suddenly surrounded.


“You’ve been causing a huge shit load of problems with our alp- I mean friend.” A guy with dirty blond hair and crystal blue eyes glared. He had green t-shirt and black pants that showed off his badass.


“Do you have anything say, before I make you pay for all the shit you caused” He smirked his face two centimeters from mine.


“Um...yes..” I said smashing his face with the palm of hand. A loud rumble came from his chest like an angry animal.

“HELP RAPE!!!” I screamed!!

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