So I had to help a freshman with a nervous break down

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A/N soo I got many votes.and made it to about 2,000 reads. So I thought why not to write a quick chapter :)

All through the day and night my phone has been ringing non-stop. How can this guy text me this much. Does he sleep? Does he have social life at least. I'm honestly about to change my number just so he can leave me alone.

I arrived to school a few minutes late. But like i said it's never big deal since hardly any of the art teachers care about tardiness. Of course I've stopped to get my coffee from starbucks, Who do you take me for? Okay, yes I do live in this routine, but what can you expect? life isn't like how they make in the movies.

Heading to my locker, I was grateful to see no one was there. I didn't want to deal with those neanderthals right now. And besides I probably won't win the fight anyways, I would have no choice to result a hit run if necessary. Yes, I know pathetic. Dont judge me.

35... 43... 5... I swirled my lock to open. But of course I mess up on the first try. Stupid locker, I blame you for all the horrible days I had in the past. After the second try I had my locker opened. It was a cluttered mess. I seriously need to start organizing theres loose paper and maybe gum? Yes I know disgusting. My mother would be so disappointed in me...Oh wait she already is. With that I slammed my locker getting started on my horrible day.

Walking into class no one lifted their heads up to see me except for Antonia who was waving frantically for me to come sit with him. The drawing he had was completed and mine well...let's not discuss that right now.

"So you seriously got lunch detention for a whole week!" He gasped. I told him about everything that happened and what the principal said. I didn't want to mention about my secret stalker that keeps texting me. I had my phone turn on silent before I even dared walked into school. You see I never had a problem leaving my phone on or even having the ringtone set on. My phone never ringed if not until school ended.

"That's seriously sucks. And you have Detention with him. If that's the case then we'll never eat lunch with each other with your temper" He sighed.

"I don't have temper. I just have a low tolerance of douchebags." I said crossing my arms. I don't have a temper. I always thought I was genuinely a nice person. Apparently I've been living a lie.

"So did you finish your chemistry homework" he asked. Chemistry did he had to bring that horrible subject up. Of course I didn't do the dang stupid impossible balancing equation...

Letting out a long sigh, he went through his big black backpack which were neatly organized by the way. I bet he files his socks too... -.-

"Here. Just make sure you get a few wrong because knowing the teacher, he would expect something"

I would feel extremely offended if it came from someone else. BUT since I hate chemistry with a glorious passion, I'd make an exception. Instead of doing my piece of shit art that would never be hung in any gallery since it would bring shame to art and maybe even children, I began copying the chemistry homework.

While I was pressing down on the pencil writing all the extra work that Antonio did, he poked my rib. I gave him a glare, hoping it better be something good. I'm in serious cheating mode and I like to keep it that way. After the second or third I finally snapped.

"Que quieres?" I snapped. Yes I spoke in spanish. I usually never do because well, I've always were taught not to. Ever since elementary school and even middle school the teachers were paranoid what I was talking about. So I usually control my tongue unless i'm seriously mad or I didn't want others to know what I'm saying.

" Ese chico en la esquina de las mesas ha estado mirando a usted" He speaking in our language. It was pretty serious since he was speaking in spanish.

I rose an eyebrow expecting it was joke. I turned around to glance at this boy who was supposedly staring at me. A blond boy with greenish eyes with a small cut under his chin was clearly looking at me. He tried to look away as he did nothing. It was obvious the boy was a freshman since he had the boyish face. Whats with a freshman staring at me?

Returning to the chemistry, I could still feel the creepy looks the freshman was giving me. I wanted tell the freshman to look away but seeing that Antonio just wanted to leave it alone. I bit my tongue.

After an exhausting period, the bell rang. Never have I been so relieved to go to chemistry. Packing my bags in a quick pace I was all set to go.

"Shiit I forgot my chemistry book in my locker. Save me a seat by the window ill meet you back to class" He said already having his backpack set and then out the door.

All the other students hurried and left and I think even the teacher left as well to get more coffee. The people who were still in class was me and the weirdo freshman. Awkwardly I started whistling nearly running to get the hell out of there. Hey, he may be a freshman but he was tall! Then again everything is taller than me: story of my of my life.

Making it to the door, A large hand stopped me from getting to the door knob.

"What the hell?"

" You're a Luna" he swallowed. This guys was sweating like crazy. He had terror in his eyes making him appear even more crazier.

" Luna? What are you talking about? I'm not the moon" I said couldn't help but twitch in annoyance.

"But... but... Please can you at least tell your mate im sorry. I didn't mean to let the Crimson wolves in. They were so many. ..I didn't know" this guy was practically in tears. Everything came an instinct, ever since I saw my mom cried I was there to comfort her.

"Hey, everything is going to be okay. Im not sure what your talking about but theres no need to cry especially if it wasn't your fault" I said cupping the boys as face that were wet and puffy from the tears. Hovering over me like a tower, I was engulfed into a big hug.

"Whats your name anyway?" I asked.

" its John" He sniffed releasing me from his grasp. Now getting a better look at him he was pretty tall for a freshman. Maybe not a lot of muscle but thats what expected from freshmans.

The bell rang its second bell signaling, I was late to class. " Well John. It was nice meeting you. If you need anything else you could always come talk to me" I smiled.

He gave me a small grin back as we both had to go to our separate ways to class. I thought today was going to be the end of all the strange things but apparently it just begun.

I knew the moment I get to class Antonio would have a confused expression wondering where I've been. And my response would be. Oh yah you know the freshman who was staring at me, yah well he had a nervous breakdown about the crimson wolves and he need a shoulder to cry on.

Yup that totally sounds believable, I thought to myself sarcastically. Jogging to the door of my next class, I could hear an intense arguing going on. I knew the voice in a heart beat. Josh and Jennifer.

"Why have you've been avoiding me! Rumors are going around about you finding your mate. And now you're treating me like shit!" She cried angrily. Mate? I'm guessing there meaning boyfriend or girlfriend.

" Can you at least tell the moment you found out!" She seethed

" She ran me over with her car" he said simply as if it was nothing. Wow thats a weird way to meet with someone. I mean usually thought it was love at first sight not running me over a car.

"Are you going... to accept her as your mate. You can still reject her!"

I didn't stay long to hear his response. I needed to get to class. I dont need to hear gossip that doesn't evolve me right?

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