Kidnapped By An Alpha

Kidnapped By An Alpha

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sidneyjoell By sidneyjoell Updated Aug 09, 2017

I was screaming even louder thinking I was going to die. But then I landed in somebody's arms. 

I reacted quickly and punched the guy in the face. He let go of his grip on me and I started running only to be grabbed by another person. I kicked the person in the shin and then stomped on his left foot making him lose his balance. Then I flipped him over my shoulder and onto the ground. I was about to start running again when I heard Madi's scream.

"MADI!!" I yelled, I looked over to see some guy was lifting her off the ground by her waist. I ran towards him and jumped on his back. He let go of her and then she kicked him in the stomach.

I jumped off and we started running but Madi got grabbed and before I could run toward her, the guy who grabbed her pulled out a gun and put it to her head. "NO!" I yelled as someone grabbed my arms and held them behind my back.


Alex and Madi end up getting kidnapped by the alpha and beta of one of the most powerful packs in America.

The two are in for quite an adventure considering their terrible pasts. The two girls escape many things including; slutty girls, caffeinated drinks, new love and rival packs. The two also end up finding something about themselves that no one thought was possible.

  • kidnapped
  • love
  • mate
  • teens
  • werewolf
qveen_dada_ qveen_dada_ Nov 25, 2017
You could of too us who POV because I was confused but still I love this story already .
anymal28 anymal28 Oct 29, 2017
Just some tips, you might want to put something like this * Above Jacob, so that way readers know your changing the POV, just a tip
Winterystorm Winterystorm Jun 10, 2017
STR cuz this lit
                              13:14 military pplz rock
                              June 10, 2017
                              Untied States, Eastern
                              The car
ree3dhi ree3dhi Nov 15, 2017
, I thought list was one of those words with double meaning at first
mangafreak101 mangafreak101 Jan 15, 2017
Last time I went to a sleep over my mom made me come home 2 hours later cause she missed me and this was at my Grama's House like bruh
TillySilly_ TillySilly_ Jul 28, 2016
two hot guys come into the room what do you do GO WITH THEM DURH ((my sisters answer)) ((now my answer)) kick them were the sun don't shine then grab my chainsaw and cut there balls off done