So you're my slave?

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HI. I’m not dead. I’m not calling quits on the story. I just needed a bit break because of writers block. I have finals coming soon so I know most will understand of my absence. I’ll hopefully have more chapters up on Christmas break. I decided to post this chapter soon before the break so you guys could have something from me.
I hope you like this chapter :) If you don’t then obviously read something else, I’m an amature writer and I’m proud.
Beware of Grammar and Spelling; You have been warned.

So you're my slave?

Ben pulled out a necklace from his pocket, it was silver and had a dark red ruby pendant. He told me that there wasn’t much on my part that he needed. It’s basically more of my consent in having him along. He laid the pendent on the table as I stared at it deeply reaching over just to touch it. Distracted for merely one second, a stinging pain came from the tip of my index finger. Droplets of blood fell onto the pendent and then it brightened. He quickly but carefully put the necklace on.

“What the hell did that thing do to me” I cursed as I went to the kitchen to find some bandaids. He could have at least told me that I was going to be bleeding. My mom had a special cabinet where all the medical junk was stored. The useless crap were always in the front and easy to reach and the things that I need were in the back and high above. The struggle of short people problems, I couldn’t help but think. I trudged over back to get  a chair at the table but when I turn around Ben had the bandaids.

“Thanks” I mumbled.  He smiled seeming way too excited to help. I rose an eyebrow wondering why he was so happy. He literally looked like dog wagging his tail thrilled that he pleased his owner.

“So what’s that pendent for anyways?” I said pointing  with my left hand. He tug the necklace from underneath his shirt.

“Each Werewolf has it except the  Alpha’s. They glow whenever a new alpha is in reign. And when a Alpha’s dead, the glow dims…” He said.

“Wait so you guys willingly give these necklace to the Alpha and he drops his blood on them and then you becoming his slave. And you're alright with that?” I said as if he was crazy.

“The Alphas have a lot of power but at the same time they don’t. Anyone can challenge them at anytime. They need to be extremely fit, a great fighter, and be ready for anything. The reason why Josh’s hasn’t been challenge is because, no one has ever beat him. He’s been called a prodigy by his own stepdad and and that’s saying a lot”

“Hold on, stepdad? I didn’t know Josh’s dad wasn’t really his dad” I said surprised that no one has told me this. I’m pretty sure my mom would have said something or let something slip.

“Neither did Josh, until he was ten or eleven. He found out in cruddy way too, meeting his real dad somehow. He filled him with lies about  how bad his mom was and how she’s manipulative and that his step dad  is going hate him because he’s not his son. His dad told him that his mom used to love him but she stopped and said that she’s going to do the same thing to his step dad and to him” He sighed. Great, now I feel like shit.

“Why did Martha leave Josh’s real dad?” I asked.

“Simple, they weren’t mates. Josh had always had hard time understanding that. He didn’t feel it was right. His step dad tried get him to understand but I think he did it the wrong way by forcing him into finding his mate.”

Guilt was somehow hovering over me and caused me to rethink a bunch of things. I guess, Ben saw this and shook his head “This doesn’t excuse what Josh’s has done last night. He has a lot of growing up to do.”

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