Not how I wanted to start my morning.

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50 votes. o.o uhhhh wow. I wanted to say thank you for um everything? You guys literally make my day. Even when its crappy! :) So not knowing how to repay I decided to write a quick chapter. Not long but its better than nothing.

So yesterday...Where do I begin. Well, I faced one of my worst fears, entering Josh’s home. Yeah, now I have a new fear, riding in a car with him! I didn’t sleep at all last night! My body kept tossing and turning of dreadful nightmares of Josh driving me to a lake and throwing me off! Have a mention that I can’t really swim? Sure I can doggy paddle but that won’t let me survive! So over the past hours of not sleeping I’ve come to this idea to get to school early. I plan to leave exactly at 7:00 before the dude even got the chance!

My mom wasn't  awake at the time when I got up. She was a late sleeper like most of my family. I was too but under these circumstances  I can make an exception to be at art class on time. I didn't have the stomach to eat anything, I just wanted to rush and get to school.

Stepping out of the house as the cold winter greeted me, I stumbled upon a wolf.  Not just a wolf but the same one I ran over!

"Oh hi Mr Wolf ...didn't expect to see you here. Or how you manage to find my address. " I said as the wolf let out a yawn. I couldn't help but yawn with him. He looked as tired as me.

"Well I gotta get to school so ex-" Nearly falling back as the wolf jumped in front, I let out a small yelp. His head was to my mid stomach staring up at me as if we were having a competition!

"You little mutt! Get out the way I have to get to class!  NO!! NOT MY JEANS!" I cried as he was tugging and pulling the bottom of my pants. I can hear the fabric stretching and then finally it ripped! A chuck of my ankle was showing as the stupid dog happily chewed on the torn fabric.

He wagged his tail in approval as his  tongue hang out. Now I feel no pity or remorse for running him over. What I should have done was speed over him.

Now I had to go back inside find a pair of jeans! Rushing back in the house,  I tried to quiet my footsteps. The laundry was a mess probably because I forgot to fold. So in conclusion of not doing the laundry, I had to resort in wearing sweats since I couldn’t find of jeans. How did my morning to turn so bad?

When I came back outside, I wanted to cry! I fell to my knees cursing in English and in Spanish.  The wolf chewed on my front left tires, blowing it out.  And now it was working on the back tires.

Out of anger I took off my shoe and threw it at him!  Let me just say that was another stupid thing for me to do. One my shoe didn’t make it far, it fell right flat on the floor  in front of him. Second the bastard ran away with it!!!

" NO!! COME BACK!" I yelled. I was shoeless and I had no car to drive to school. You know seeing how my morning is, do really need to go to school?

I can just hurry back to bed, fake that I'm sick and miss a day. And if Josh does ever show, my mom would answer and she'll be like oh I'm sorry sweetie she's sick

Great plan Sammy! You deserve an award! Turning around  I was all set to play the best role of a sick person then I heard a honk. I jumped up in surprise, my heart almost leaping out of my chest. And what I saw was scarier than Death itself.

"You know I kinda understand that you're not looking to impress but you look like a homeless person" Josh smirked rolling down the window. His hair was still a messy lock of black of hair. Girls find it attractive, I find it a lazy.

"Is it too late to just run" I sighed. He shook his head beeping the horn once more. I should have let the wolf eat me. Maybe that way I could have avoided this.

"I'm Coming! " I growled trudging over to the car.  Stepping inside, I forgot how freezing it was outside. The heat was so refreshing, I can’t wait for spring to come. Josh’s hand was on  my chair, which I was hoping he would get off.

"WHY DOES SHE GET TO SIT IN THE FRONT!"  Again my heart jumped. I muttered another curse under my breath.   How the hell did I not notice Jennifer was in the back!  The front was so tinted that it's hard enough to figure out who's driving!

"You know I'm just gonna jump out of the car." I said. I was not going to sit in the car with Donkey number one and Donkey number two! It’s not happening! I rather have most of my bones breaking from the impact of my face and legs hitting the street.

"The car is moving, idiot" She rolled her eyes. She had her thick shadow make up on and had her favorite low v-neck shirt which showed way too much cleavage.

" Trust me that won’t stop me" I sneered.  The car door was locked even when I pulled the lever open. I'm on child lock. Are you serious! Could this be considered kidnapped?

"Just relax. And Jennifer, shut-up." He stated with that said she never even made a peep. Wow she’s more well trained than my old dog Spike. It took me hours to teach him to stop barking. Maybe next time if I ever had a dog, I have him or her visit him.  Since he’s so great at controling his bitches.

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