I'm NOT yours!

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I'm not yours!


Lowering her key down, she tilted her head slightly. She smiled at me so nicely then bending down she swiftly snatched a rock on the ground and threw it at me! I was lucky enough to dodge since Sammy had terrible aim. She began to throw multiple rocks, but i stood firm. She was going accept me whether she like to or not. I'm the next Alpha and even though she's my mate, she doesn't intimate-

"HEY YOU ALMOST HIT ME!" I shouted as a large rock nearly hit my forehead. I think i'm becoming more thankful for gods and goddess for quick reflexes.

'"I'M... NOT... AN IDIOT!" She tried to yell back but it came in pants and huffs . Scratch that my mate is not only an idiot, she's a lunatic. Why couldn't she be like the normal people that accepted her Mate at an instance? In my pack, I see wolves that hardly known each other and they fell in love in a second. Why does she keep pushing me away?! I thought girls love the supernatural crap?

"Look! I'm not a vampire" I said opening my mouth and pointing that were regular teeth and molars. She squinted her eyes and then threw yet another rock. Dear Lord, I want to Reject her so badly! Its nearly on the tip of my tongue but the damn spirit wolf keeps me from saying it.

"What do I have to do for you to trust me that I'm not a monster" I sighed growing tired of her constantly aiming rocks at me.

"That's the thing, you can't! I never trusted you in the beginning so knowing your...your a... what the hell are you anyway?" She questioned her voice finally calming.

"I'm a werewolf" I stated, hoping it would make that a tiny bit better. Staring at the rocks in her hands, she bit her lower lip. Looking back and forth to the rocks and me "so...rocks can't harm you?" She said.

I sighed shaking my head a no. She had calm expression in her face and then in a blink of an eye, she took off running. As sick as it sounds my wolf enjoyed this. The chase, he loved it the most. Unable to help myself, I sprinted after her. I knew it wasn't long before I caught up to her. Even though she played soccer for awhile her speed couldn't compare to mine.

She looked back once and I couldn't help but smirk. I grabbed her waist lifting her effortlessly up. I knew Sammy wasn't going to go down without a fight. She tried to kick my 'weak spot' but I quickly flipped her over so that I was carrying her over my shoulder.

"HELP! SOMEONE!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. My ears were highly sensitive to noise and having her this close almost made me want to drop her.

"I'll give you all the frisbee you want! Just don't eat me!" She cried.

"I'm not going to eat you" I groaned. Using my free hand I grabbed the keys to the car. Clicking it the doors to unlock I sat her in the car. The car was fortunately child locked so she couldn't escape.

Getting inside the car, she was close to the window. She was seriously terrified of me. I never seen her this scared since a clown was at our school for some fundraising carnival. She hid herself in the girls bathroom for the whole day. "Sammy I don't eat humans" I'm really trying to be nice but it's harder to keep myself calm.

"You are my mate which means I can never harm you rather than that I'm supposed to protect you" I said simply. Seeing her relax sent some relief toward me.

"I can't be your whatever. I'm a human" She said pointing herself.

"It's not uncommon for werewolves to have humans mates now a days " I said remembering a few from my other allies that had mates that were human. I doubt they have any problems with their mates I thought bitterly

"Couldn't you have picked someone else" She snapped. Fear had vanished from her eyes and now was soaking with anger.

It can't be that bad being my mate?

"Look I its not like I hand picked it. It was cruddy luck that it had to be you " I grumbled at the end. There was a tinge of pain in her eyes and I can feel my wolf growling at me harshly. Before I could redeem myself I was already on thin ice.

" Fine lets make this easier for both of us. How about you forget the whole mate shit and do what you want because I don't want anything to do with you" she sneered. A load of weight felt as if it drop inside of me. This wasn't suppose to turn out like this. The mate goddess must have made mistake...

"Fine, I Josh re-" the words didn't left my mouth. It was as if my wolf were choking from me to utter anything. Why is he so persistent?

"Nevermind. I can't. Reject you" I sighed. She had a confused look on her face that was almost adorable.

"I have question" She said pulling out a slip of paper from her pocket. Handing it to was an old number that I have used.

"I've been receiving constant texts from an unknown number. Was it you?" She questioned. I couldn't help but smirk again. She obviously knew the answer to it.

"What do you think?"

"Nevermind it doesn't matter. Who else knows about this 'mate' thing we have?" she said quoting with her fingers.

"A few of my pack members known about it before me. Some said they just sense it" I said thinking about it more. It was highly unusual for something like that to happen. What was the moon goddess trying to tell me?

"Okay. Only they. No one else need to know" she said. My wolf didn't like the sound of that. He enjoys to express what his.

"No you're mine and everyone will know" I declared.

"I'm not yours!" She exclaimed lifting her hands completely annoyed. Couldn't say I blame her but

it how its going to be.

"You are Mine" I smiled. Her face was flushed from either anger or embarrassments. Either way me and my wolf like it. Reclaiming what's ours is what we do best. And I'm going to make sure she gets the messages. ..

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