I think I'm starting to hate werewolves...

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A/N HI guys so were nearly to 100,000 reads? 0.0 I am amazed. So I tried to make this chapter a bit longer. I hope you all enjoy.

Sammy's P.O.V

I don't know if anyone has ever felt having two emotions clashing together into one. Fear and Anger is mine. I can't describe how I feel at this point; its like a pot filled with bits of everything. The majority of the ingredients is confusion, I guess. What he told me was spot on but it's not something that has sunk in. 'Mate' what does that have to do with me? I never asked for this? Better yet I never asked for him. And it was pretty obvious he never wanted this either. So why was he forcing himself to be with me when its clear as day that we can't even stand each other. Cliche' as it is to think I was more like fire and he's more like ice? Fire and Ice? They don't fit together. And no I'm not going to think positively that opposites attract.

Clenching my pencil tightly as I scribbled on my notebook frustrated with my life. I didn't want to come back to class but Josh insisted. And I didn't want to agree with him but the fear of my mom knowing I ditched class continued gnawing in my thoughts. I can't seem to understand how teens now a days aren't scared of their mom. From what I remembered that women brought me to life and she can't take me out. Not my words hers.

It wasn't until the bell rang that I noticed that it was already 3:00. School is over and I can finally go home. The need for my bed was making me home sick. Curled in my bed eating cookies and milk was sounding more like paradise than anything. Crunching all my homework and textbooks in my black back pack took so much work that i can feel my face becoming red.

"Stupid back backpack" I groaned zipping it up to the end. Once I lifted it up, I knew gravity was going to be my enemy. It was one of those days when all the teachers gang up on me handing out out tests and assignments due on the same day next week. Hunched over like the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I was the last person out of the classroom. Stepping out the door, my body was pulled to the side. Nearly falling, my face planted on someones chest. Once those weird tingles were sparking inside me, I knew who it was.

"Ready to go." Josh said not really making it question more of statement instead. Behind him was his group of friends or should I say pack? Compare to the rest of his pack he was much taller and broader except for the one on the left. He was the guy that was trying to jump me when I came from the principal's office. Between them two, they were practically the same height.

"No" I said bluntly turning the other way but was pulled back. Smacking his hand away, I can hear his group smothering a growl. Couldn't they at least act normal?

"I'm finding a ride somewhere else" I stated. In the distance I could see Antonio coming out from his class. My heart nearly leaped with joy-"ANTON-SHMF" Covering my mouth with his large hands and his other free arm locked around my waist, I was pulled away. Caring me in his arms, they took the back way of the school . I looked as if I was being taken away from a secret agency. Despite me kicking and screaming, no one was there to witness me leave. This school seriously needs better security!!!

"Sammy just shut up" Josh grunted which earned him kick to his abdominal, nearly close to his crotch. Lucky for him he was able to dodge by a mere inch. Pushed inside his car once again, he pulled the lever to drive.

"You're taking me home right?" I said once the car began to move. He swerved his car to the opposite direction from my house.

"Wrong" He smirked. I can feel my fist itching to punch him square in the face, but since he is in control of the wheel, i didn't want to risk my life as well. I watched and seen too many car crashes for me to do anything stupid to the driver.

"So where are you taking me!" I shouted. He winced a bit from my voice and then muttered something under his breath. His voice was too low to make out.

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