ha and I thought my day couldn't get worse!

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A/N WOW, Okay. First off, I haven’t check the comments for awhile and Um let me just I nearly flipped over and then the number of reads went flying to the roof!  I’m not going to lie I honestly didn’t think this story would have  anyone read it. Just because there so many other great Werewolf stories. I thought this story would have gone unnoticed.

Secondly I think you guys deserve an explanation for my absence. Over the past weeks, I hit place that wasn’t not only writers block, but  dark place. Problems occurred over the past weeks between school that I won’t mention. This problem or “situation” affected me so badly that it affect my writing as well. I didn’t want to write. In fact I hated the way I write especially how I written my male characters. So I had to stop and clear my head and avoid writing for a bit. After some time I was able to write bit by bit.  Now I’m sort of coping and hoping this problem won’t ever show up again.  Again saying I will be doing my best to post more chapters.

~Ha and I thought my day couldn't get any worse!

The moment I parked my car on the drive way, John burst out of the car door. I wanted to go after him but I couldn’t just go in his home. What if his parents are there?  But he needs someone with him now. On the other hand I just cant go into someones home; that’s invading there space. Now I’m starting to feel, I shouldn’t have gone involved in this, as sick as it sounds.  Fighting with my conscious whether to go in or not, a knock on my window crash my thoughts.

"Hi, Samantha! What are you doing all the way over here" Martha smiled dressed more in a summer clothes than winter outfit again.  She was wearing yellow sandals when it was 15 degrees below. Isn’t she afraid of frost bite?

"Oh. Uh hi Mrs. Wolfe. I'm just dropping of a friend of mine" I said my voice sounding more awkward than I wanted. I was hoping to never run into her ever since what happened at dinner. Even though it was her son's fault I thought to myself bitterly. 

"Oh thats nice of you. I was thinking since dinner didn’t go as plan,  maybe you can come over, I made some chocolate cheesecake for you and your mom. Would you like to come in my house to eat some” She said as a gust of cold wind blew. I swear how is she not cold?? I have the car heater on blast and i’m still freezing.

“I don’t know if I can stay. I’m sort of grounded at the moment and my mom wants me home early today” I said. I wasn’t trying to make her feel bad but I guess I did. Her eyes weren’t bright and excited , they were filled with guilt.  Nice going Sammy. You have officially became an ass.

"BUT. I'm sure my mom would make an exception if it came from you. Since you two are close friends." Hopefully that would help. I just have to eat some cheese cake which doesn't sound too bad and hurry and get the hell out of there!

"Thats great ill call her right now saying you'll be a tiny bit late" She said  quickly taking her phone from her pocket rushing over across to the other house. Wait...so John and Josh are neighbors?! Well now I should've gone after John. Living next to Josh that could make anyone cry.

Reversing the car up and trying to parallel park is the most hardest thing ever! I could partially do anything with my car but not parallel parking. That was a big No No. So after an agonizing of five minutes.  I parked my car...terribly.  It's more embarrassing when the neighbors from across are staring and chuckling.

kill me now...

Getting out the car I tried to avoid the neighbors gazes. Looking at Josh's  house, it was pretty and very one with Earth. From all the other houses it was far grander. They had many oak trees in the front and roses.  Wait shouldn't they be wilting by now?  I mean I’m not big on science and all but I thought by now  the roses would be dead. Maybe she must really take care of her plants...

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