The Unknown Number

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HELLO to anyone who is reading this. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Was going to post a VK but hit a writers block so I thought writing this would get me out of my Funk ;) Hope you enjoy

Is there  anyone out there that can feel my horrible pain? Like seriously! His stupid smirk. His stupid face that matches with his stupid clothes. The worst part of this whole shitty day was him constantly staring at me! Can’t he stare at something else?My mom and his mom were in my kitchen cooking some Mexican dish. While I was here with the boy I hate and his father sitting across me, my life couldn’t much worse can’t it? Of course to my dismay i felt foot sliding up and down my calf. It only took seconds for me to find who it was and crush his foot.  Josh didn't seem affected by it one bit, in fact it only caused his mischievous grin to grow wider


The food was graciously here. The drinks were already set up on the table, everyone receiving a different colored cup. The Wolfes family had water while me and my mom had lemonade.


“Are you and my son friends?” His father spoke with a very low deep voice. He was pretty tall and very toned for his age  like he’s been working out every single day.  


“We just recently met” I said pushing an aching fake smile. In the corner in my eye I can see Josh roll his eyes. Ignoring his crummy attitude, I took a sip of my drink.


"Really? well thats good, I thought my boy was being unfaithful to his girlfriend, Jennifer" He smiled taking a bite of his food.


I wasn't surprised that Josh has a girlfriend.  Heck I would be surprised if he didn't have a girlfriend.  "Dont worry, I’m pretty sure he’s loyal...”  NOT.  His father gave a tight grin but I bet he and I know better that his son is horny dog


“So Samantha, do you have a boyfriend?” Martha smiled warmly. Josh cackled a laugh. I rose an eyebrow at him.  It doesn’t bother me to not have boyfriend. Honestly I could careless, I wouldn’t know what to do with one anyways. My family in my mom’s side always had this ‘ curse with men’. The Garcia’s girl falls head over heels for the crappiest guys and we end up broken hearted. Typical for us women. So to make sure this curse never happens to me, I simply don’t date.


“No” I shrugged, not embarrassed at all. I guess that shut Josh up pretty good but his smile never wore off either.


“What about Antonio? You two always been stuck together since freshman year” My mom teased giving me a cheshire smile. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, my mom already knew that me and him a stricted friend relationship.


“Antonio...huh? I always thought he was gay” He scoffed.


“Josh! That’s no way to speak about Samantha’s friends” His mom glared. Josh simply rolled his golden eyes. Does he seriously have no respect for his parents.

“Really?Well, I guess that’s fair since, everyone else thinks you're gay too. Hopping from one girl to another? What’s the matter Josh, can't’ find the right girl? OR is it that you're on the wrong team?” I shot back. The whole dinner table went completely silent. I can tell my mom was embarrassed. She hated when people fought in the dinner table but on the contrary I hated when people disrespected my friends and parents.  

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