When wolves turn sucidal

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Hi so yes, I'm posting a lot more chapters for this story. Why? Well because few of you guys are actually reading this so I decided why NOT :) Also I'm in a huge writers block for my other stores especially *COUGH* Vampire knight so I think I need to work on other things besides vampires.

I was driving over the speed limit. Usually I wouldn't take such risk, but I have a huge black injured wolf in the back seat. Crazy? YES. Stupid? Hell yes. I couldn't even believe that I was actually doing this! I nearly got jumped by two hunky guys, and now I ran over a wolf!. Can this Monday get any crappier?

Far up ahead in the empty foggy street was another wolf. Its fur was yellow like straws from a scarecrow . Its crystal blue eyes were staring straight at me as if it was glaring. What's with wolves trying to get themselves run over by my car?! Do they hate life that much?

I immediately slow down my car and push down my break. I honked my horn hoping the dumb wolf move out the way. It didn't. The wolf bared it's canine teeth and barked loudly.

"Stupid mutt" I huffed. I turn the wheel, trying to go around the suicidal dog and continue on to the road. Instead of moving away from the animal, it went in front of my car again.

I gripped on the steering wheel. I'm already annoyed as it is and these damn wolves are just making it 5x worse! Now I know why wolves are leading to extinctions, they are dying from getting run over! MOVE OUT THE WAY" I yelled while honking my horn.

The wolf let out a small whine. It was still glaring at me and now i was having a petty stare down with an animal. Really Sammy? I feel like kicking myself for being so stupid at times. Maybe if move the car more? It scare it away. As I was about to push on the gas, the wolf that I was trying save leaped in the front seat.

From what I just saw...this wolf was a male. I examined his body and he seemed perfectly fine. I guess I didn't need to take him to my mom. I reached into the car door, pushing it open to let him go. The other wolf who I know assume is female wolf scurried to the open door. Her tail was wagging happily, obviously excited to see him.

However I couldn't same went for him, he looked at me and then looked back the wolf.

"Come on Mr. Wolf, I have to get home soon, so get out and go have fun with your mate" I smirked. Yeah, fuck like bunnies and get the hell out!

This time I earned a growl. He caught my sleeve tugging it ruffly as if he was trying to pull me out of the car!

"NO. NO. I'm not going anywhere!" I protested. He obviously either didn't have a clue of what i was saying or just didn't care. Out of the blue the golden wolf snapped at his tail. Clearly it didn't like the fact I was obtaining all the attention. Which is weird, I'm human, I have no interest in animals...thats plain disgusting.

I expected Mr. Wolf just to growl or bark back. But no...no that did happen at all. He pounced on the poor wolf. Attacking her with all the force he had. Once I heard the girl cried out in pain. I jumped out of my car. I stood there horrified as the larger wolf was literally beating the smaller one

"Stop it! Leave her alone!" I yelled. I dont know why that im seriously stupid; I guess it came naturally. I grabbed the black fur and tried yank him off of her. I knew this was a stupid idea from the beginning. Once I managed to pull him off, he bit my wrist causing it to ooze blood and crack..

I let out a cry as I pulled away quickly while the female wolf immediately escaped.

I backed away from the dark wolf. I was waiting for him attack and rip me to shreds. Maybe if I run, I can make to my car. I just have to jump in and drive.

As I was plotting my escape, a whine escape from his lips. "I dont care if you're sorry" I snapped.

His ears flattened, and his tail went in between his legs. "My wrist probably broke because of you!" I sneered. For some reason it was becoming harder and harder to stay anger at this dumb mutt. I mean he attacked me! Now it's sorry!

With his body lying low to the ground, he crawled toward me. When I didn't think this couldn't be any weirder, he began licking the wound on my wrist.

"Are you bipolar or something?" I questioned quirking an eyebrow. After few more licks , the blood was gone and so was the cut. What the hell! THIS WOLF IS MAGIC!!

"HOLY CRAP!" I gasped as ran my finger to the now scabbed cut.

"Thank you...." He was already gone. HOW THE HELL DOES BIG WOLF JUST LEAVE THAT QUICKLY! I looked away for five seconds and he disappeared. Something weird was going on...and I really don't want to find out, because when weird things start happening someone always end up dead...or missing!

NO sir that was not going to be me!

Hope you enjoyed the chapter




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