The Alpha's Famous Mate

The Alpha's Famous Mate

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Meet Melody, the little sister of the Alpha of Lakewood pack. She's not your average 18 year old. Well to everyone else she's just the quiet girl who lives with her 2 older brothers and 8 older cousins. Who are all overprotective over her since she's the youngest and the only girl. What people and most pack members don't know is she's a very famous singer. In order to live a normal life she has a double life.
That only her brothers and cousins know about. 

Meet Alec a cocky, arrogant and possessive 18 year old Alpha. Alec's the Alpha of the most powerful pack, the Silvermoon pack. He also happens to be the school's bad boy. He gets all the girls but turns them all down, after all he is looking for his mate. The one and only person who will rule his pack by his side, his Luna.

What happens when Alec walks into a practise for one of Melody's concerts, and they both mutter one word..."mate." Will she jump into his arms or will she do the unexpected and run?

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