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Hello!!! im seriously supised that people are actually reading this ;) any ways have you scene the new cover I put for the story?

Heart racing, blood pumping, thighs burning, things that usual don’t happen, at normal basis. All I have to do is make it to my last period and I shall be safe. I’ve never been so excited to get to English class. It’s probably the only times i’ll be this anxious to come, because you know i’m in a life and death situation.Just in case you haven’t notice.  Unfortunately my luck was quickly running out like those sand time bottles. Once I entered the classroom....they were already there!!!!! . They had a sinister smile plastered on their gorgeous face.

“No freakin way!!”I gaped. I tried to do fast turn but I was snatched up in the air  by the two football players. Okay maybe there not footballs....stereotypically they look like football players. They had bronze skin that have been exposed to the sun many times. The one that was carrying me from the right has a light shade of green eyes. He had hard straight expression like some soldier, a handsome soldier by the way.. He had a great body hidden behind. .. BAD SAMMY, NO CHECKIN OUT YOUR KIDNAPPERS! Thats basic rule 101. I lowered my eyes to the ground.  I couldn't even trust myself to even look at these good looking teens. Wait since when did we have such gorgeous guys in our class? How can I barely even notice them? They aren’t in any of my classes...ughhh... am I that oblivious?

Now I bet you’re wondering, Hey where’s the teacher? If you're not, then you obviously have no concern about my well being. So um screw you? The teacher was out in the um Teacher’s room? You know where all the teachers hang out. I can’t remember what the word for it was but that’s not the biggest issue at the moment! The point is the teacher is not here and there is no adult supervision in sight!  None of my classmates weren't even bothering to come help.

Its because im mexican isnt...I glared at my classmates as being carried kicking and shouting.

So currently im being sent to my doom. I tried to wiggle out from their  large muscular arms. I even tried to hit them in their jewels but they automatically stopped my foot from hitting there *cough* area. I need to find a new strategy or method for these situations.

“Where the hell are you taking me?!” I yelled hoping that I receive some type of answers where I was going to lay to die. Before I could question them or scream at them. 

A stick figure of a boy printed BOY RESTROOM appeared before my eyes.

NO! I’M NOT GOING IN THERE!!!! BAD THINGS ALWAYS HAPPEN IN THE BOYS ROOM!!RAPE, SWIRLS IN THE TOILET.SHT ON THE FLOOR.Other things I heard of the horror of  the boys bathroom that i can’t remember.... Coming closer and closer to the the pit hole room, I could smell the stench of piss and shit.

"Let me go right now!" I demanded. As the hunky soldier guy was about to push open the door. He froze. Literally he just froze.

"Yes, Luna." His voice was raspy as if it was forcing out his mouth.  unclenching my body, his partner was agast. "What the fuck are you doing. We're suppose to teach her a lesson for disrespecting our alpha!" 

"My name is Ben...Luna." Ben stammered with his eyes  shining with an exotic color. I was taken back and a new sense of fear rolled down my back.

"Quit calling her Luna, DUMB FUCK!" His partner roared.  Their eyes were beaming  a bright golden shine.  While they were about to face off, I took this great opportunity to run!  I ripped away from the god appearing  guys and sprinted frantically back to my class. I can just imagine how I probably looked like....some crazy girl running in the halls. halls “Screaming bloody murder” Yah...that’s very appealing. All the boys would want a date a loca girl ( Note sarcasm there)

Now instead of heading back to class like I should do but  my body was trembling out of control. Their eyes...they were like some kind of monster. I can feel myself shiver again. They weren’t human. They could be demons; my grandma told me a lot of religious things about  demons. But that cant be it; I hope not.  I parked my car out in the front. If you havent notice, yes, Im skipping school. Well, at least just my last class.

I know my mom is going to be furious with me but honestly I could careless. Im so shaken up about what happen that it takes me at least two minutes to turn on the ignition to my car.

Dear god what is going on with me

□Josh's P.O.V□

My body was already tense and stress because of  fucken school. It didn't help with the fact that my dad called me out from school to come back to my pack, immediately. I knew what he wanted and the wolf inside of me was snarling loudly. He was becoming more visous and mean. My pack members and parents started to notice my horrible behavior. At first they thought it was just my personality. Although it seemed to be something else from what my mother said. My wolf was anxious and impatient to claim his mate.

So now knowing this, my dad had me on multiple dates with other daughter alphas. It helped a bit. But they were just flings and some just to get to bed with. My mother was extremely furious of how I treated the girls, sleeping with them then leaving. I could say I felt bad for what I did but honestly I dont care.  I don't care how they felt; Instead my wolf just laughs at how stupid they could think they can be my mate.  Even to this day, I chuckle at these teen girls looking for love. Idoits.

Once my dad picked me up, he gave the same stupid lectures and then finally he said something that actually made me listen

"If you don't have a mate; I wont give you the title of being an alpha." He stated as he stopped the truck. My blood was boiling with anger and I was nearly this much, in challenging my own father.  Luckily I replaced that anger and transform into my wolf.  

I darted out into the woods, deepening my claws onto the dirt making me run faster. I'm suppose to be searching for Jennifer.  She was the daughter of one of the betas of the Red River pack. And one of my on and off again girlfriend. I made sure to her or told her multiple of times that our relationship means nothing it was just to get my parents off my back. However that failed.

So instead im just running and running. Feeling the freedom and relaxation of no rules or priorities .  The nature of the earth was so comforting until my claws werent scraping dirt. It was touching graval and concrete. I was going to hurry and stride back to the forest. But it was to late, heavy metal slammed to my body.

The car made a screeching stop. The car door slammed open. I squinted my eyes open to see soft  worried choclate browns eyes staring back at me. It took me a second to figured out who it was.


She ran me over. This bitch ran me over!!  I was waiting for my wolf to explode with anger. But I couldn't attack...I wanted to but...I couldn't.

"Shit... I ran over a wolf!! I'm going to get big ass ticket for this" she cried. Why is she freaking out about a damn ticket.  SHE RAN ME OVER! As I was trying to find ways to find some more hate and anger toward her. I felt my body being lifted up or more like dragging.

"Damn wolf, are you seriously this heavy!" She panted. Is she calling me fat?

I don't know how but I ended up in the back seat of her truck. I was being kidnapped. a human

"Don't worry mr. Wolf, I think my mom can fix you up. Just don't tell the rangers I ran you over." She said and then off we went. I want to scare her to let me out. But her scent was drowing me with its sweet smelt. It smelled like sweet coffee and carmal. I found it very relaxing and oddly enough so did my wolf


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