this isnt some kind of werewolf club!

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This is a short chapter because, I am on a writers block. School  has been very busy and I had to take drivers test pretty soon. I’m really sorry for taking month to update. But I need to hold off for a little bit just to get everything in order. Also sorry if this chapter is sucky. :( Pray hopefully that I can post soon, and get my licence tomorrow 0.o

I couldn’t fall asleep. As much as I tried to forget about last night, memories kept flashing back each time I close my eyes. I kept stirring left and right on the couch, hoping I could a get few extra hours back. Although I already had a gut feeling that was not going to happen, once Antonio started to wake up. Did I mention that he was a morning person? He woke up with loud yawn sitting up straight from the couch. Pushing the girly blanket off, he walked  to the kitchen. I gave my best glares toward that freakish morning alien raiding my kitchen. Unfortunately, Antonio didn’t care; he merely shrugged and searched my fridge as he always does. I don’t know what it is that whenever someone is in the kitchen, they intend to make loud noises. The sound of the blender and fridge slamming caused me to cringe. Damnit Antonio, what the heck are you making!

I let out a loud groan of annoyance trying to fall back asleep. Once Antonio was finished cooking up his breakfast, I felt myself finally falling back to sleep. I can feel myself letting go of my anger and stress over Josh. I repeated to myself like a lullaby that whatever we had was nothing. It wasn’t true. There no such thing as werewolves and he wasn’t my mate. In fact there so no such thing as a mate. He was nothing to me. All of this was ridiculous in the very beginning.

~Cries of a loud wolf rang in my ears. Lost in a deep hazy forest, I felt I had trouble breathing.  I couldn’t catch my breath as though I have been running for a while. In the darkness of the forest camouflaged in the shadows only his yellow golden eyes were seen. It wasn’t until then he stepped forward once the white light of the moon glisten at his fur causing him to reveal himself. The position we were at was deja vu. I was running and he was chasing. Except this time the wolf is tired and he looks as if he is pleading for me to come back. But I can’t just stop running, my human instincts say to keep running. Don’t look back. Just keep going. But I’m just too stupid to understand that…

“Why do you keep chasing me. Why can’t you leave me alone” I huffed. Unable to communicate he let out another whine, and took few strides causing me to back away again and ready to make another run. The wolf stopped not knowing what to do. He takes a step, I take few steps back. His eyes began to start to look familiar and when I thought I figured out who  it was. The animal leaped at me and this time there was no escape.

A loud pounding on my door woke me in a jolt. At first I thought it was Antonio making all that racket but he was just eating. Even though he was closer to the door to open, his lazy ass pointed to the door “Aren’t you gonna get that?”

I rolled my eyes. Damnit Antonio! I pushed myself from the couch and trudge to the door. I swear if it some sales guy, I will slam the door. First I’m tired as hell, and second most of all its the morning who comes in the morning?! Once I opened my eyes, I expected some church person or a salesperson.

“Were not intrest-” I stopped myself and my expression went sour. Ben was in my front door holding a plastic bag on his left side.

“Who's at the door?” Antonio hollered. I didn’t know what to say. Should I lie and slam the door.

“Please Luna? Let me explain” He started. I let out a groan almost stomping my foot. I open the door wider deciding to let him inside. Maybe once he starts talking, he’ll leave me alone,  along with rest of the wolves.

Antonio eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets, when Ben walked inside. He stared at him then looked back at me giving what-the-hell-was-I-thinking expression. I shrugged giving back his answer when he didn’t open the door. Ben stood awkwardly feeling as if he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

“You can sit down, Ben.” I sighed pushing him to the chair next Antonio who gulped his breakfast. I sat across Ben hoping, he’s not trying to have me talk to Josh. It was out of the question no matter how he phrased it.

“I think its best to have Antonio go somewhere else, while we talk” He advised. Right when he said that, Antonio was already about to get up and go. I pulled his arm to sit down “ You're not leaving Antonio”

“Luna. I think someone like him shouldn’t know what were going to discuss” He pointed out.

“Is this some kinda twilight club” Antonio questioned completely confused of what was happening. He was only able to catch the word ‘Luna’ figuring it was some book from stephenie meyer. Before Ben could interrupt, I took this opportunity and nodded my head. “Yes its somewhat like that except we’re more focus on Jacob and the wolf clan” I smirked. Antonio seemed disgusted taking his breakfast going away willingly upstairs to my room.

“He’s an Edward fan” He stated a bit stunned.

“Yeah, Unfortunately.”

“So why are you here? And if this has anything to do with me going to talk to Josh. You better leave.”  I said getting straight to the point.

“I’m not here to have you come back to Josh. Honestly, even if he is your mate. You're better off without him for now.” He said putting venom on Josh’s name.  This caught me surprised.

“I’m here because, I’m begging you to allow me to join your pack. I left Josh’s pack today because I basically couldn’t stand his ass or his reckless way of leading. And if he’s not going to do whats right, I’ll turn to you”

“Ben. I am not a werewolf. I don’t want anything to do with it either” I wasn’t trying to hurt anyones feelings but I don’t want to deal with this.

“If I go back to Josh’s, they will kill me. Other packs don’t like rouge including Josh’s pack.” He said his eyes filled with terror. Feeling defeated, I nodded my head. I didn’t want to do this and this was all Josh’s fault. If he would just keep his head out of his ass, none of this would happen.

“Fine. What do I have to do…”

Again sorry for the late updates :/

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