The Right One Camila/You

The Right One Camila/You

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NoHateJustLove By BigBadSofty07 Updated Nov 27

Y/N Carter 17 year old she baby sits Sofia Cabello when Sofi's parents aren't in town. Mr. And Mrs. Cabello trust Y/N since they have known her and her father for 3 years. Since Y/N's mother isn't in the picture. 

Y/N she's in her last high school year. Y/N isn't really that social when it comes to talking to people at school. I mean she's on the soccer team and one of the best players on the team. But that doesn't mean she has to be social. 

The only time Y/N is happy is when she's either with the Cabellos, with her best friend Shannon singing or playing soccer. 

But what the Cabellos don't know about their little precious babysitter is that Y/N's father beats and abuses her in the ways you wouldn't be able to imagine. 

The only person who knows is Shannon. 

But what if Mr. And Mrs. Cabellos oldest daughter finds about Y/N? What well she do? 

Read to find out.

Your eyes are the color of the ocean,
                              And baby I'm lost at sea
bambamkid bambamkid Sep 17
I'm to insecure for this so in reality it would be a sweatshirt and sweatpants all black tho nonetheless
AZIsTheBomb AZIsTheBomb Sep 09
Yeah I'm just showing off my six pack...................... Of Coke 😂😂🍹
cake1000mo cake1000mo 5 days ago
Lmao I tazed the bitch and stole her wallet that's y it felt weird