The Queen Of Cherry Blossoms~ Naruto fanfic (Neji love story)

The Queen Of Cherry Blossoms~ Naruto fanfic (Neji love story)

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"I am a queen, or somewhat considered one.....that, I do not believe..."

Aki Shizuki is a girl born into a non ninja family, but was born with exceptional ninja abilities.

Also known to many as 'The queen of cherry blossoms' Aki is a ninja who has jutsu's never seen before by many ninja.

As a student in the academy she made few friends, many pushed her away for fear of her powers. After being put on a 4 man squad and finding new feelings for a certain Hyuga, life can change for her again.

Follow her on her troubles, revelations, adventures and ninja life. Well, I know I'm shit at descriptions but SUE ME! 


"Royalty? I'd prefer to be called a equal, as you may call it."

Ring around the roses *skips around Circle of Roses* Pockets full of Posies *Gets match out*
                              Ashes Ashes, *puts the bodies of her parnets in the circle*
                              We all fall *set fire to bodies and roses*
I love the name Ash,and when I was little,I had an obsession with the name Aki,I still love the name.
You are such a great Author,I can only hope to be as good as you,which I sadly,are not.
of course it's good for two people! have you forgotten ur purple haired anbu girlfriend, hayate?
- - Dec 27, 2016
tell neji-bae I said hi also I love how the story is so far <3