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Ya Know? (Naruto Fanfic)︎★ Reader x Various ︎★

Ya Know? (Naruto Fanfic)︎★ Reader x Various ︎★

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ab style | crown By hzhuangzitao Updated Mar 19

[ naruto various x reader ]
[ naruto fanfic ]
[Reader is Naruto's sister ]


《 A story in which two clumsy ninjas find their way to the top. 》

12 years ago, a nine tailed fox suddenly appeared, it's tails lashed out smashing mountains and sending titlewaves crashing to the shores. The ninjas rolls up to defend their villagers, one shinobi faced the nine tailed fox in mortal combat, he sacrificed his life to capture the beast  and sealed him to two human bodies, this ninja was known as the forth hokage.

[ naruto shippuden ]
[naruto original]

All rights to Naruto and Naruto Shippuden go to Masashi Kishimoto. I, do not own anything. As for the photos I use in covers, I also own nothing.

                              1. Sauske loves tomatoes.
                              2. B**ch, I'm a sexy tomato.
                              3. BUONO TOMATO BUONO TOMATO BUONO BUONO OO TOMATO!
*Takes off shoes*
                              What are you doing?!
                              So I don't break your nose
                              *Kicks face if leader*
minecraftfan14 minecraftfan14 3 days ago
I think that paint is my enemies blood ;-; why must my mind so this.
Damn spell correct 😑
                              it was originally spelt as 'face'😂
Nazuki_Shu_225 Nazuki_Shu_225 3 days ago
Oho! This scene is veeeeeery familiar~!^^ right Kushina-san, Minato-san~?
                              Kushina : Haha! It sure does 'ttebane!
                              Minato : *chuckles* of course it does!
Cashew_Sugawater Cashew_Sugawater Jun 16, 2016
Did anyone else think about going over to those women and slapping them with a knife?