His Future: A Captain Canary Fanfic

His Future: A Captain Canary Fanfic

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So this is inspiration I got from watching an episode of the Flash. 

What if Leonard didn't die at all? What if, by destroying that Oculus, he was sent to another dimension? A place where he was trapped. An in between. A place where there was a choice he had to make if he wanted to be a hero, or divert back and stay a villain. His villain side and his hero side will take the form of people he knows, and there will be some doubts that he will have to overcome. Will he feel worthy of being a hero and have a chance at a real future with the one he loves? Or will his villain side seduce him so much that his self-worth will plummet? Only he can make the choice. No one can make it for him.


Winchestergirl25 Winchestergirl25 May 17, 2016
Yep thats where i got my inspiration. The next part will go up today.
Ag3nt_m3lody Ag3nt_m3lody May 17, 2016
Yoooo this is trippy!!! Its like that episode where Barry is in the speed force! Niiicceee