Creatures At Sea [LGBT]

Creatures At Sea [LGBT]

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Fiona™ By FionaJohn Updated Nov 30, 2016

Who would have thought? 

Who would have thought when his parents had kicked his sister and him out to some run down summer camp their world could take another turn? 

He hadn't expected it. He hadn't expected a monster to chase them through a portal and into a world where anything magical, ranging from witches to magical tattoos to dragons, existed.

It was a wet painful rip off from Alice in the Wonderland as they fell through the hole. 

[May contain Violence, Strong Language and Mature Content. Viewers discretion is advised.]

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wolfmate1 wolfmate1 Jun 16, 2017
The description of the story sound interest and pull the reader in quickly... My curious of what a Devout could be getting to me but I know I will find out soon enough.... As for grammar I couldn't see any...
minsum71 minsum71 Apr 15, 2017
Oh, interesting. :] I'm curious what a Devout is, but I'll know soon I guess.
                              As for the grammar, I don't have anything to say. It is done well.
AngelsWishes AngelsWishes Nov 03, 2016
 #lemoncherry when I first saw the title of the book I thought it was going to be something related to a mermaid 😂😂😂. I didn't spot any mistakes in this chapter. This chapter raised a lot of questions but I'm sure I'll get answers soon
fathima_manna fathima_manna Nov 24, 2016
                              It was an intriguing chapter. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be related to mermaids XD. You brought up the questions in the minds of readers regarding that creature. I didn't spot any mistakes. Great job 👍
angelicdevil09 angelicdevil09 Nov 03, 2016
                              Oh damn! Now I want to know who—or more appropriately—what is she. What does Devout mean? Yes, I know I will get my answers in the future chapters and I can't wait. 
                              As the previous reviewers stated, the titles gives a vibe of mermaids or fantasy instead of Sci-Fi.
orchestrations orchestrations Nov 04, 2016
So, that's messed up. I wonder why he wants to bring this Charlotte back so desperately. I'd say you lack descriptions since we don't know much about the setting. I'd like a proper introduction since this isn't just fiction, it's sci fi and it needs proper explanation as to what we're reading about.