Sinful Boyfriend

Sinful Boyfriend

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Cameron, a Daemon, was sealed for more than a thousand years by Deus, a secret organization. 
The seal would only be unsealed when the Chosen One would be born. He or she would either have the power to bring Cameron to death or the power to make the world fall into chaos by siding with him. 

Well that was what Deus predicted... 

Centuries later, the Chosen One was finally born. He was named Matt. He didn't had any idea that not only people from Deus was searching for him, but also Cameron.

Each one of them wanted to have the Chosen One to his side in order to win the upcoming war. So, they wouldn't hesitate to lie and deceive to obtain what they wanted. 

However when Cameron and Matt meet for the first time, there was something between them that was unleashed. 

Was it hate or love? 
The destiny of the world lay in the hands of these two. Will they do the right decision and be together or will they be at each other throats?

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Most used phrase ever. It's everywhere. And it's both boring and annoying.
Lol this comments was gonna type bout the same thing but I see there no need
Not to throw a wretch into ur plans but isnt is Jess's birthday as well?
Ugh I really wanna read this but the main character has the same name as my brother and that just ruins it 😂
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Heh... Hehehe... You'll be screaming a lot more than that later 😉😉 😈😆
It's my birthday
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