Close To You ( Roman Reigns / Rihanna Fanfiction )*COMPLETE*

Close To You ( Roman Reigns / Rihanna Fanfiction )*COMPLETE*

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wwepurplevixen By wwepurplevixen Completed

"..You have the guys that cheat on you but blame you for ending things, the guys that use you to get ahead in the business when they see ya hot at that moment, the guys that.. hurt you emotionally and physically, then you have the guys who fall for you and you don't feel the same but you wish you did.. and lastly you have that one guy that just gives you one look and you know he can see right through Rihanna and see Robyn"

"And which one is he?" She raised her eyebrow.

One that could possibly see ME and it terrifies me..


RiRi has always fallen for the bad guys, the risky ones and its never worked out but what happens when someone different steps into her life claiming he's not like the rest???

They have different lifestyles.. complete opposites...
If she takes a step towards the goodness she's terrified of will he prove he is the one for her or will this just be another case of love  found in a hopeless...

Began: March 2016

Ended: Nov 2016

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I'm so happy to see more Roman fiction with black woman after all he's married to a black woman in real life. You really make it realistic to. Like I could see this happening.
FabbyRivera FabbyRivera Oct 21
She isn´t one of my faves, but let´s go... show me how good this story can be... btw I love Roman!!!
@THO12120445  Awww me too!! Hope you'll like it if I decide to continue <3
kenreid kenreid Apr 28
If he wasn't Married I could see them together I'm interested to see how you play this one out, you already  know  I'm a big fan of your stories ☺
Omg you should see my Instagram account I love them both 😊😊❤️