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The Second Rollins(A Novella Dean Ambrose×Lauren Rollins) by undisputedchick
The Second Rollins(A Novella Nini
A novella about Dean Ambrose and Lauren Rollins. I did not create Lauren Rollins. I got permission from my bestie @Ambrollins123 to write this book about her OC. Lauren...
Princess (Dean Ambrose) by apexshowoff
Princess (Dean Ambrose)by apexshowoff
Her mom is Stephanie McMahon, and her dad is Triple, so naturally she was known as the princess of the WWE. When she finally makes her in-ring debut on the main roster...
Trust Comes First (A WWE Fanfic) by andlovesaidno92
Trust Comes First (A WWE Fanfic)by Charlie
Lila was a Diva. From her first time watching WWE to the first time she stepped into a ring she knew that was where she belonged. Until her trust was shattered. Now shes...
Little Punk by tmhgeneration
Little Punkby mother of dragons
"You're crazy." "You don't know what crazy is yet darlin."
We're The Same But Different  by Cookie_NDough
We're The Same But Different by Cookie_NDough
'We're the Same But Different' A New Diva has finally come to Wwe. She was in Nxt and Fcw but now she made to Wwe. This Diva was born in Cincinnati Ohio. She has a rough...
Emma Woodruff; a name that many people who are fans of Professional Wrestling know and love. Emma debuted on NXT in 2013 and became the first ever NXT Women's Champion a...
Little Ambrose by Lunatic_Princess_66
Little Ambroseby Lexi V
Everyone knows Dean Ambrose as the lunatic of The Shield. No one ever thought that Dean Ambrose would have a soft spot or even heart. That is... until Evolution targets...
🔒His Insane 🔒{Dean Ambrose} by izzylightwood4life
🔒His Insane 🔒{Dean Ambrose}by Ria
Every wrestling fan out there knows the phenom, The Undertaker. What nobody knows is that he has a 23 year old daughter, who wrestles for WWE. She even once picked up t...
Under Control (Dean Ambrose/The Shield  Fan Fic) by AmbroseAsylumInmate
Under Control (Dean Ambrose/The AmbroseAsylumInmate
"Alex Winters, or Lex, former CZW superstar, NXT Women's Champion and future WWE Women's Champion." I said holding my hand out for the three men to shake. 28...
Street Fighter Girl by Lunatic_Princess_66
Street Fighter Girlby Lexi V
Dean Ambrose had a girlfriend that was his best friend in Cincinnati. He was always there for her. She's a surgeon and former wrestler. She has a background in mixed mar...
The Xtreme girl (WWE FanFic) by WWE1Dprincess
The Xtreme girl (WWE FanFic)by Diandra Cajal
Evangeline Divine Quinn Hardy is the youngest sister of The team Xtreme Matt and Jeff Hardy.She is also a wrestler but currently she is in TNA Impact after she left WWE...
Savior by BrItTaNy1BaIlEy6
Saviorby BrItTaNy1BaIlEy6
Its been 6 years since Jon Moxley better known as Dean Ambrose has left CZW. But not only did he leave behind CZW he left his best friend behind. The only person that wa...
Lunatic Runs In The Family  by BrItTaNy1BaIlEy6
Lunatic Runs In The Family by BrItTaNy1BaIlEy6
Ashton Good better known as either Ashton Ambrose or Ashton Moxley is the younger sister of Jonathan good better known as Dean Ambrose. The siblings were close until Dea...
Light In The Darkness by xTotalDivax
Light In The Darknessby xEssiex
Harmony Jones is not your typical girl. People see Harmony as strange and crazy but never judge a book by its cover. Shes crazy in the eyes of everyone except him. No...
 Sasha Banks' Twin Sister *COMPLETED* by JazzyVenecia46
Sasha Banks' Twin Sister * 🐺Jazmine🐺
Tanya Banks aka Vivian Varnado is the twin sister of Sasha Banks aka Mercedes Varnado. These two sisters were unstoppable together. They always had each other's backs. T...
🖤I'm Living A Nightmare 🖤{Dean Ambrose} by izzylightwood4life
🖤I'm Living A Nightmare 🖤{Dean Ria
Octavia Nicole Blackmore is a WWE diva and the daughter of The Demon Kane. She had a lot of friends. Most of them were in the WWE. The others were in TNA. So, one day...
Betrayed *COMPLETED* by JazzyVenecia46
Betrayed *COMPLETED*by 🐺Jazmine🐺
(ADOPTED FROM & COVER BY @-bxckylynch) "You betrayed me, but I'll get my revenge." Salem is the younger sister to Undertaker and Kane. She and Undertaker are s...
Country Girl And The Anarchist by SkilletForever8
Country Girl And The Anarchistby Skillet Forever
Cover: QueenZain3 A Country Girl Meets The Psychotic Anarchist
Hunting The Shield// Dean Ambrose by BrItTaNy1BaIlEy6
Hunting The Shield// Dean Ambroseby BrItTaNy1BaIlEy6
Everyone knows the phenom. The Undertaker. But what most people don't know is he has a daughter. A daughter that will be debuting on Monday night raw! Will she follow in...
His Name is D.A by Tearenfrenzy
His Name is D.Aby Tearenfrenzy
So.. Roman has a sister. She may or may not fall for the Lunatic Fringe. Seth is a precious baby. ...Yeah that sounds about right. NOTE- Really bad grammar and stuff...s...