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Charlie's Hero by aprilmendezismyhero
Charlie's Heroby KELCI
19 year old WWE Diva, Charlie Doucet, has everything going great. She managed to get into the WWE and make friends along the way. But what will happen when she gets targ...
Adopted by... Norman Reedus? by Celia321
Adopted by... Norman Reedus?by Celia Rivera
Sometimes you wonder if anyone would ever want you. You wonder if your worth anyone's time. Have you wondered the same? That's what I wonder everyday but I don't think...
The Lunatic and Rebel by jtsdegrassi
The Lunatic and Rebelby Emma
The year is 2012, and 21 year old Nebula McMahon is the daughter of Shane McMahon and has been apart of the main roster since the day FCW closed. While she's there, she...
How It All Began by BlackWidow2022
How It All Beganby Black Widow
Serena McMahon is a 27 year-old professional wrestler and is well known in the WWE Universe as Jade. This is the story of how she met the self proclaimed architect Seth...
Be my Shield (Roman Reigns) by JadeLahote
Be my Shield (Roman Reigns)by JadeLahote
A damning betrayal by her best friend and fiance lead Mia-Rose right into her new role as the fourth member of The Shield. What she wasn't expecting was for that betraya...
Wwe Imagines/One Shots by jiminslittle
Wwe Imagines/One Shotsby Babygirl
Dean stands up for you before being attacked.
Enemies at first sight (NEEDS MAJOR EDITING) by Dani_Pickachu
Enemies at first sight (NEEDS Danielle Welling
|New WWE womens wrestler Dakota Is debuting on Monday night raw| Honestly, what the fuck. I seem to say that to myself everyday in this company. I just get here and I al...
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I'm Not Yours (A Dean Ambrose Love Story)   by Jessosaurus17
I'm Not Yours (A Dean Ambrose Jessosaurus17
Rosa is a live action commentator. She's also been with the WWE for about three months. In these three mouths she has received huge amounts of love form the wwe universe...
SELFISH ━━ JON MOXLEY ✔️ by -bellalution
SELFISH ━━ JON MOXLEY ✔️by 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐞
SELFISH ━━ JON MOXLEY ALYSSA DONOVAN A sports commentator who had formerly worked for the wwe, is now released and has signed a five year contract with the enemy company...
The Third Bella by Scarlett_Toretto
The Third Bellaby Ambrose’sGirl
My name is Mackenzie Rose Garcia but at the WWE I am known as Mack Bella or the female lunatic fringe and I'm an ex member of shield. Last time I was wrestling I was h...
The Beast's Queen by nikkideluca
The Beast's Queenby Nikki 🤍
Brock Lesnar never gave in to the Authority. He never cared about their issues or problems. He only ever cared about the WWE Championship. So when a meeting requested by...
A Baby Rattlesnake (A WWE FanFiction)  by ShedSomeLight
A Baby Rattlesnake (A WWE ShedSomeLight
When Jade Austin leaves The Bullet Club to follow in her fathers footsteps in the WWE she stirs up a lot of trouble. And maybe she'll find somebody who can match her cra...
Japanese light (Brock Lesnar x OC) by Caitybug1215
Japanese light (Brock Lesnar x OC)by Caitybug1215
This is my first fanfic. Senyaa with two a's is a young woman from Japan with a pretty successful history in wrestling. Close friends with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns...
No Authority - WWE Fanfiction by curbstxmp
No Authority - WWE Fanfictionby zera
Being born into power isn't always a good thing. Alix Levesque also known as the daughter of Stephanie Mcmahon-Levesque and Paul Levesque also known as Triple H. Alix i...
Princess (Dean Ambrose) by apexshowoff
Princess (Dean Ambrose)by apexshowoff
Her mom is Stephanie McMahon, and her dad is Triple, so naturally she was known as the princess of the WWE. When she finally makes her in-ring debut on the main roster...
Little Ms.Lopez | Dean Ambrose love story (UPDATING) by KxAmbrose
Little Ms.Lopez | Dean Ambrose K
Danielle Kate Lopez is the sister of Colby Lopez also known as Seth Rollins. The two who then never had an easy childhood and stuck together through it all. What happens...
You get too close (Dean) by bilboaaa
You get too close (Dean)by bilboaaa
Dean Ambrose is a cold hearted,Inconsiderate wrestler who no one has been able to get close to for the past few years. Sadie Benson is a sweet,Bubbly girl who sees the b...
- Living With A Lunatic | Dean Ambrose. by Kayy-Mariee
- Living With A Lunatic | Dean Stay Gold.💛
- Taylor is the little sister of Seth Rollins. She travels with The Shield on the road. Which means she lives with the rest of The Shield, but what happens when unexpect...
Unintentionally by AmBrEigNs_aSyLuM
Unintentionallyby AJ Ambrose
Riley Reigns, baby sister of football jock, Roman Reigns, is a good hearted, sweet and noble young lady, she gets straight A's and she loves her big brother like no othe...
Spiteful Retaliation by JazzyVenecia46
Spiteful Retaliationby 🦊Jazmine🦊
"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. The beast inside me is sleeping, not dead." Eliza Hardy has been hurt in the past, but the beast inside her is scratch...