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His Hope (Re-written) by roxanneraej
His Hope (Re-written)by RoxanneRae
Her freedom. His Hope. Read the story of how a troubled girl and a tattooed man who upholds the law, find love. 🚨PS🚨: There is a COMPLETED first draft of this story o...
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I Will Find You by Smithies
I Will Find Youby ANNIE
He hates the odd taste of alcohol burning his throat. She hates the sleepless nights and the fatigue. Two teenagers, forced into friendship because of their current fin...
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My Life...Is nothing but a Comedy (WWE Joker OC)  by Villalba376
My Life...Is nothing but a Angel Villalba
This is the revamped story of Sean Rollins. How he was betrayed by his own brother in the worst way possible. And how the aftermath turned him into the being he once fea...
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UnOrdinary: What if? by BookWormDevil
UnOrdinary: What if?by Book
What if John hadn't learned from the Readjustment Facility? What if, instead, he felt a need for revenge on all who wronged him. What if, he came back to the people who...
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Comply by xxxsimba94
Complyby Simba
Vampire girl Elena Gilbert is beginning to lose herself after being cheated on by Damon Salvatore. Stefan Salvatore comes back into town and Elena realizes quickly that...
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Atonement by SodaliteWrites
Atonementby Sodalite
SEQUEL TO "Consequences" *The show Steven Universe and all of its canon characters that are used in this story belong to Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse &quo...
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The Feeling Underneath by Gigi_washere
The Feeling Underneathby Gigi wants to fly
Two-Sixty-Eight is one of many Artificial Humans who is owned by the LGA organization, which is controlled by the Suited men. They were designed to protect, to aid, and...
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
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The Reign of Tuesday (unOrdinary fan fiction) by _unordinary_love_
The Reign of Tuesday (unOrdinary _unordinary_love_
John's ability has been exposed and the safety of everybody at Wellston has been put at risk. Rankings reached- #1 in Remi out of 241 stories(6/24/19) #2 in Voicesinmyh...
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Red Devil's Land  by sroastica
Red Devil's Land by sroastica
Finley is a guy who wishes for an average life without any worries. Unfortunately for him, stepping on the land of Sciso-a city for dreams-he finds a life beyond his exp...
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The Chief  by bishop102
The Chief by bishop102
You would think when one is President of the United States you have the power....But what's a President without his CHEIF OF STAFF
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Specks by JohnKrane
Specksby John Carmitchel
Tiny specks float down from the sky. Once they're inside us, they control our thoughts, change our emotions, and occasionally yell profanities. They improve our society...
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[BOOK 3 SEASON 2] A Gangster is a REAL long lost Princess by AJ-TheRisingPrincess
[BOOK 3 SEASON 2] A Gangster is AJ-TheRisingPrincess
Ito na at magsisimula na ang 3rd Great War!!! Papunta na siya sa battlefield kasama ang Scarlet Junior 1 Atsaka hindi pahuhuli ang mga heneral Kasama na doon ang mga Pan...
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Bow to Authority by ambroseHART123
Bow to Authorityby Amber Hart
Chanel O'Mac, the daughter of Shane McMann, came to the WWE for one reason only. To become the WWE Diva's champion. But her family wouldn't let her. And when she met an...
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Not who you say you are - unOrdinary by Tikapaw
Not who you say you are - Tikapaw
***ON HIATUS BECAUSE OF WRITERS BLOCK PLS FORGIVE ME..!!!* What if John was keeping a much bigger secret.....? More than just hiding his ability...... Much more than any...
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Long Live The King (UnOrdinary Fanfiction) by chastieheart
Long Live The King (UnOrdinary chastieheart
(This story takes place in an alternate universe from the world of UnO, where the Royals of Wellston High are now the royals of the kingdom of Wellston) After New Boston...
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Superman Love [COMPLETED] by ToriReigns27
Superman Love [COMPLETED]by Tori Ambrose Reigns
Natia, a badass women. Put her in WWE and she is very talented. Put her next to Bray Wyatt, a guy who haunts her every day of the job or not on the job and you get a ver...
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The Pregnant Virgin's diary  by Viirgoo
The Pregnant Virgin's diary by Noneyabusiness
Amelia Chevarez is your average ambitious college student. At 20, she has everything going her way. She is attending her dream school Princeton on a scholarship, intern...
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Happy Together. (Completed) by Ambr0se
Happy Together. (Completed)by We Can Be Heroes.
"It's like we were on top of the world then suddenly, we were crumbling beneath it."
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The lunitic and the insane (dean ambrose love story) by murdered_doll
The lunitic and the insane (dean murdered_doll
What happens when sammi who is slightly crazy gets thrown into the deep end when she annoys rusev to much and shocks everyone by taken him on and winning to lead into an...
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