Reversing The Roles |WWE|

Reversing The Roles |WWE|

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We all have heard about the guy likes the girl, the girl doesn't want the guy, but then magically girl falls inlove to the guy, and they live happily ever after right? But my story is different. Way different from that

I could be your toughest female on the world, I could get anything and anyone I want. Bitch, I'm Brice Walters that's why. In fact, I am the toughest one in the planet

But still, I'm a big slave of love. I've been in love with this guy for a long time yet he doesn't like me back. I'm willing to do everything just to be with him. Only him, AJ Styles

And for this time, I'm not going to fail. But if I do like always, then I'll try and try until I get the guy

"Never underestimate desperate people. You never know how far they will go to get what they want"


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My dad used to work with Thomas (Baron) and I was like two. He used to carry me on his shoulders.
The fact that you're a very talented writer and the same author of RB who has 10k reads makes me surprise that you have stories without 'k' on the end
who else agrees that Finn Balor is like bae af cause I do😂❤️😍
I don't know about you but if I was her, I would definitely pick Brock Lesnar.....what? I want him to take me to suplex city;)