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Find Your Love by kaewritesallday
Find Your Loveby Kaela Starr/Shiloh Starr
Cinderella 'bout to lose the glass off her foot... After a devastating accident leads to the loss of her father, Alyssa Matteson is raised by a strict stepmother. Twelv...
Romeo and Juliet (TMF fanfiction) Finished Editing by i_d_k_0987
Romeo and Juliet (TMF fanfiction)...by Simper and Shipper
Drew has always had a crush on Jake: his best friend. However, ever since the fight and their friendship breakup, Drew's thoughts began to spin elsewhere, and he lost al...
I didn't mean too... by AveryB873
I didn't mean too...by Ashley
(STORY COVER NOT MINE) Jake and Drew start having feelings for each other and also starts getting farther away from each other. Will they end up together? Will they stop...
The "Big, bad wolf" has a story too. 🎵TMF fanfiction🎵 by Depressed_Gremlin
The "Big, bad wolf" has a story to...by Depressed Gremlin
Drew was beginning to become jealous of the music freaks. They had parents that loved them, A good friendship, and a good love life. It wasn't fair. He was fine with it...
Katherine Jenner. A name that hardly anybody had heard of before. She wasn't like most of her careless family, which she saw constantly partying and going through relati...
-|-★my tears for you•.°-|-drake tmf angst fanfic!🫶-|- by dendonila
-|-★my tears for you•.°-|-drake tm...by catty :3
the fight between the two was happening, but drews voice was getting shaky, he wanted to cry, but he couln't. Not infront of everyone, suddenly he started crying, runnin...
Why don't we 'Rewrite the Stars?' by cup1dgacha
Why don't we 'Rewrite the Stars?'by cup1d
Drew has been in love with Jake since freshman year. Even though he's dating Zoey, he's always had a different blonde in his mind.. Drew knows that he'll never be able t...
Family that despises eachother (TMF CHATFIC) by emeryatecheese
Family that despises eachother (TM...by emeryatecheese
This is a chatfic about tmf, updates will be slow along with my oneshots.
Charlotte Jenner, a twenty three year old celebrity, music artist, model, and mother, continues to navigate her life with millions of people watching her every move. ...
Banks Family Values by ShrazyMe
Banks Family Valuesby ShrazyMe
Santana Banks is the only woman to have stolen the heart of Drake and after four years of keeping their relationship hidden, they are finally revealing it to the world...
kids • jude bellingham by judeysss
kids • jude bellinghamby hana
when the childhood best friends accidentally walk back into each others lives again 𝙤𝙧 when she thinks she'll hate him forever but he thinks otherwise
the music freaks chatfic ⁉️ by Grainnyyy
the music freaks chatfic ⁉️by zach
ships -drake (drew x jake) -lander (luke x zander) -saisy (sean x daisy, saidie x daisy) -henriam (henry x liam) but in the basic straight boy way??? uhh theres probably...
Rich Boy Bother [Drake] by kennvx
Rich Boy Bother [Drake]by ken
After Drew and Jake's argument, Drew burns all his friends' belongings and skips school to reminisce on everything. covers mine gr
A Misunderstanding : The Music Freaks : by mckeenaners101
A Misunderstanding : The Music Fre...by Crescent Frost
Jakes friends didnt like him being in the music club. so one day, Drew decided to take matters into his own hands to get Jake out of the club. Previous #1 Gacha Story!
The Thought Of Her by EPHEMREAL_Barnes
The Thought Of Herby EPHEMERAL _BARNES
Her and Him. He never listened . You can say he barely knew her . She was his wife . She did everything to be perfect for him . He never payed attention. All she wants...
Misunderstandings || A TMF Drake Fanfic by Ma11oryLynn
Misunderstandings || A TMF Drake F...by Ma11oryLynn
Warning: This has Drake (Drew x Jake) if you don't ship it, please don't read if you're just gonna hate on me. Please and thank you :) All characters belong to Mother R...
Love by Lemonade23567
Loveby Lemonade23567
Drew loves Jake..
The music freaks on WhatsApp by Rotkraut_Shipper
The music freaks on WhatsAppby drunk
English TMF FF Please ignore my mistakes State: Interrupted Cw: BxG, BxB, GxG, the usual yk
Tmf chatfic but fruity🤡 by BreeAP
Tmf chatfic but fruity🤡by Bree Alise Peetz
There is only one straight ship and sadly Sean does not get a lover.. Ships included: Drake(Drew x Jake) Lander(Luke x Zander) Stailey(Stacy x hailey) Emilli(Elliot x Mi...
Little Omega by Nicole-Wallace
Little Omegaby Nicole-Wallace
Scotty is the only openly gay kid around. He is bullied because he is not only gay but an Omega as well. Omegas are to be cherished and protected, not tormented and ridi...
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