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饾悇饾悕饾悊饾悢饾悑饾悈饾悇饾悆 饾悎饾悕 饾悈饾悁饾悓饾悇 by KINGKYLIEW
饾悇饾悕饾悊饾悢饾悑饾悈饾悇饾悆 饾悎饾悕 饾悈饾悁饾悓饾悇by 饾懖 饾拃 饾懗 饾懓 饾懍
Charlotte Jenner, a twenty three year old celebrity, music artist, model, and mother, continues to navigate her life with millions of people watching her every move. ...
God's Plan by itskloe
God's Planby itskloe
"It's crazy how we found our way back to each other." "Guess it was God's Plan."
misconception - A Drake Story by AbbyTheAmazing
misconception - A Drake Storyby Abby
mis路con路cep路tion 藢misk蓹n藞sepSH(蓹)n/ noun a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.
Celeb Groupchat by Tayshayy
Celeb Groupchatby Tay
just read it Y/n - your name Unedited Started July 7th 2021
The Thought Of Her by EPHEMREAL_Barnes
The Thought Of Herby EPHEMERAL _BARNES
Her and Him. He never listened . You can say he barely knew her . She was his wife . She did everything to be perfect for him . He never payed attention. All she wants...
Mine (Drake love story) by danielle_graham
Mine (Drake love story)by danielle馃挦
24 Crystal Westbrook's is married to the one and only Drake Graham. They have 2 daughters that they both love dearly. The only problem is Drake likes to party. All the...
Bank Roll by TheGrandTurtleDuck
Bank Rollby The GrandTurtle Duck
"Tonight I got something special to share with the world. This beautiful, smart, divine, elegant, enticing, exquisitely fine" Aubrey paused to kiss her neck pa...
Drew's Christmas Party // Drake // COMPLETED  by Skylar_Writes_FanFic
Drew's Christmas Party // Drake...by Skylar_Writes_Fanfiction
Jake goes over to Drew's for his annual Christmas Eve's Party. He hangs out with Drew as well as his other two best friends Liam, and Henry. Only Jake starts to have th...
"You deserve better"| Drew x Jake by EliasThatLino
"You deserve better"| Drew x Jakeby Elias.ss
Drew and his crush is something, because it's his bestfriend. Jake. "Jake is just amazing" how Drew always says...And Jake also has his secrets from Drew. I gu...
Can I...Hold Your Hand? [Drake/drew x Jake] Discontinued  by deathmavis
Can I...Hold Your Hand? [Drake/dre...by faith/Samuel Jacobson <3
there is no huge explanation of this but I ship Drake. and if you don't like it go to your search bar and look at other stuff because, it's my personal choice. don't mi...
The Ex Factor by TheArtToFiction
The Ex Factorby TheArtToFiction
Three years after their breakup, Aubrey and Raven are focused on raising their son... separately. With both of their careers at their heights, things couldn't be better...
Devil's Eyes by yo-ock
Devil's Eyesby Lala
You've got the devil in your eyes You went and took me by surprise Say what you wanna say I won't go back If you wanna hit the road then let's go then Let's just go and...
Problematic  by Kryuito
Problematic by Kudo
饾櫩饾殯饾殬饾殝饾殨饾殠饾殩饾殜饾殱饾殥饾殞 鈥 饾櫚 饾殰饾殩饾殜饾殨饾殨 饾殟饾殯饾殜饾殧饾殠 饾殢饾殜饾殫饾殢饾殥饾殞, 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殜饾殢饾殱饾殠饾殯饾殩饾殜饾殱饾殤 饾殬饾殢 饾櫞饾櫩 饾熆. After being kicked out of the club, Jake was stuck dealing with...
LOVING AUBREY GRAHAM by officialgoldenbae
Meet Aubrey and Adrianne they both come from different worlds. He's one of the biggest rappers on the planet and she works at an really nice restaurant in New York . Bu...
Nonstop by Grahamviews
Nonstopby 馃槢
She doesn't say anything. "Drake please...can you and Chris leave me alone." "We aren't gonna hurt you princess," I smirk. "It's just business...
饾摗饾摦饾摢饾摰 饾摏饾摼饾摽 by nickinacpattywack
饾摗饾摦饾摢饾摰 饾摏饾摼饾摽by southdallasgangsta
饾殎饾殠饾殜饾殟 饾殱饾殬 饾殢饾殥饾殫饾殟 饾殬饾殲饾殱
Drake imagines  by directemblem5
Drake imagines by ImagineImagines
Just a collection of different imagines about the 6GOD
The Secret Damelio by xoxodiamondrose
The Secret Damelioby DiamondRose Gordon
A story of the Damelio Family abandoning there oldest daughter fir fame and money. After years past the secret child is getting all the hype and attention. They suddenly...
Jason Todd Imagines(喙懰兲滇礂藗痰) by alexap0pping
Jason Todd Imagines(喙懰兲滇礂藗痰)by 鈾 alexa
Jason Todd Imagines and headcannons from tumblr. The person that wrote the imagine will always be at the top of each chapter. DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these imagi...
Drake Oneshots (TMF) DM for Requests! by YourHeartOnTheLine
Drake Oneshots (TMF) DM for Reques...by YourHeartOnTheLine
Just a bunch of Drake Oneshots that I wrote, dm for requests! I do fluff, angst, whatever you want I'm down for :)