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new life{discontinued} by rosaline_kate
new life{discontinued}by Rest-
What happen when dean and seth have a baby?
I Will Love You Till Eternity (Ambreigns F.A.A Sequel) by jadeismybae19
I Will Love You Till Eternity ( Rip Naya
Will Dean and Roman's relationship survive with two children? Will someone get in the way? Follow Dean and Roman in this crazy adventure.
Jealous ♛||Ambreigns Fanfic||♛  by sensitive-jj
Jealous ♛||Ambreigns Fanfic||♛ by edgy teen™
Roman and Dean have always been close friends ever since they started in the business. Everyone knows they want something more. The only people who need to admit it are...
Hunted (Ambreigns werewolf AU) by cruelshape
Hunted (Ambreigns werewolf AU)by cruelshape
Dean's not human. He's a werewolf and only his best friend John knows.
 {Ambreigns} by breezangooooox
{Ambreigns}by ~~~
------------ "Fuck. Fuck, I'm sorry." I managed to decipher from Dean's broken voice, "I was clean for so fucking long I swear." I pulled him closer...
childhood bully | ambrollins by Ambrollinz
childhood bully | ambrollinsby christina💓
The first year of high school is going well for Seth Rollins, until he meets a boy he can't help but be attracted to.
Hold On by AmbreignsLover66689
Hold Onby Jamie Palmer
A story about a brotherhood that is broken, that is about survival, love, and hope.
Ghost of Love ||Ambreigns|| by AmbreignsArmy
Ghost of Love ||Ambreigns||by AmbreignsArmy
"No sabes lo que tienes hasta que lo pierdes" Lo entiendo ahora que soy tan solo un fantasma. Portada y Trailer por @-PsychoSquad ❤
Wrestling One Shots by phoenixseths
Wrestling One Shotsby phoenixseths
Here's my book for wrestling one shots! I mostly write on Tumblr, but I'll be posting them on here. You can request anything except ranbrose, but other than that, don't...
The Shield Preference by DesReigns26
The Shield Preferenceby Destiny
*Roman Reigns *Seth Rollins *Dean Ambrose
Wrestling For Your Love by lokimarvelstan
Wrestling For Your Loveby K I N G
Roman has loved Dean since they first met but what Roman doesn't know is that Dean feels exactly the same. What would happen when a special someone tries to stop them fr...
Instagram •DA•  by reignsnambrose
Instagram •DA• by jaylee
Dean Ambrose✔️ followed you
Bleed || Ambreigns by KissingBloodyWrists
Bleed || Ambreignsby PROFILE IS ABANDONED
FINISHED Jon hurt himself, to try and distract the pain in his heart. He watched himself, Bleed.
Ambrollins and Ambreigns One-Shots by DeanAmbroseMoxley01
Ambrollins and Ambreigns One-Shotsby JonDavidGood
Just one-shots of Dean, Seth, Roman. Taking request of The Sheild...
Pink (Ambreigns) *ON HIATUS* by Buckaro-Reigns
Pink (Ambreigns) *ON HIATUS*by WinterRoo
Dean Ambrose is an outcast at his school, people tend to just think of him as the weirdo with the long pink hair and the crazy attitude. Deans had never been interested...
Teacher vs student(on hold) by wwestorymaker
Teacher vs student(on hold)by wwestorymaker
Dean and seth are dating but there teacher mr.reigns don't like that a bit because he fall for Seth what happen when one day he ask Seth to stay after school? What hap...
Love You Forever (Slow Updates) by TyshawniaSavage
Love You Forever (Slow Updates)by Mrs. Irwin-Reigns
Roman has had a crush on his best friend and fellow Shield member the one and only Dean Ambrose but what he doesn't know is that Dean feels the same way... What will hap...
Saving My Brother (AmbReigns Story) by SupermanReigns12
Saving My Brother (AmbReigns Story)by Sian Morgan
Dean Ambrose has been depressed for Four Months and has been trying his best to be the happy person he should be but Roman Reigns can't do anything about because Roman d...
The Will  by ambrosesyard
The Will by Susie
The will to live and tell a story created by those closest to you makes you believe in happy endings- R.R