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Hold On by AmbreignsLover66689
Hold Onby Jamie Palmer
A story about a brotherhood that is broken, that is about survival, love, and hope.
A new beginning// Ambrollins by hellfirelunatic
A new beginning// Ambrollinsby Hellfirelunatic
⚠️talk of Alcohol, eating disorders, homophobia, fights, smut⚠️ Seth is made to share a locker room with his old Shield buddy dean Ambrose. But Dean still hates him fo...
Baby problems! by wweisambrollins
Baby problems!by All Ambrollins
Seth has 2 miscarriages and he blames himself for it. He becomes insecure about himself. Dean then puts Seth in a miscarriage place to deal with it in there. With that...
Fifty Shades Of Ambrose (Ambrollins) {Completed} by Shasta1989
Fifty Shades Of Ambrose ( Cash Wheeler's girl
A college student Seth Rollins enters into a sadomasochistic relationship with a business man Dean Ambrose, whose desire for extreme intimacy stems from secrets from his...
Forgiveness by TarableTaralynn
Forgivenessby Taralynn
Dean and Seth have been a couple for four years, things are finally going perfect for them. Until one night after an argument Seth goes to a club by himself and meets th...
Ambrollins by BoysWhoFellOut
Ambrollinsby Tessa
A collection of my Ambrollins (Seth Rollins x Dean Ambrose) cover art credit to NaufalRafifans on deviArt
Ambrollins by ShieldedDirectioner
Ambrollinsby Larry+Ambrollins
Just another Ambrollins story. My first ever attempt at a FanFiction! Please don't hate if you don't like. I'm horrible at Summarys so.... Read and enjoy!!
I still care  by uwuambrolleigns
I still care by uwuambrolleigns
"What, you actually believed I still care about you, that I still love you?" An encounter with Paul Heyman makes Seth Rollins question how he really feels abou...
Ambrollins and Ambreigns One-Shots by DeanAmbroseMoxley01
Ambrollins and Ambreigns One-Shotsby JonDavidGood
Just one-shots of Dean, Seth, Roman. Taking request of The Sheild...
The bestmen (Ambrollins) by shipcannon
The bestmen (Ambrollins)by shipcannon
In the year of 2019, Roman Reigns is a happy man, marrying the love of his life Galina in March. But as for the other shield members, they are both broken-hearted from t...
Crazy In Love by Rkmna97
Crazy In Loveby Rkmna97
Dean Ambrose is obsessed with the lead guitarist of 'Justice' band Seth Rollins. It's not about love; it's about the revenge he has in that omega's brother Roman Reigns...
My little bad boy  Ambrollins by TheBigThreeBnha
My little bad boy Ambrollinsby One Piece Husbandos
The bad boy Dean falls in love with the new kid seth will Seth share the same feelings that Dean has for him? Read to find out/ DONT LIKE IT DONT READ
He'll always come back by rsdambrose
He'll always come backby rsdambrose
"He comes back because he's running in circles waiting for you to catch him. Maybe someone else already caught him" Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns.
Saving You by TarableTaralynn
Saving Youby Taralynn
Dean and Seth are in a relationship, they have been for four years now. Life is perfect for all three Hounds of Justice, until one night Dean receives a text from a man...
Ambrollins : Shape Of You by Rkmna97
Ambrollins : Shape Of Youby Rkmna97
Dean Ambrose, a guy who lives his life however he wants, but he has huge respect for his dad. He cares about nothing except his father and the involvement of him. His fa...
A dare.  by _stigmata
A dare. by thee hoe
hi in summary Roman dares Dean to flirt with somebody he follows, which he so happens to choose Seth, who hasn't a clue who this strange boy is. (not a wrestling au, Se...
Instagram | Dean Ambrose by shieldsbellas
Instagram | Dean Ambroseby ❤️
she wanted nothing to do with him, but he wanted everything to do with her. {started: october 7, 2017} {ended: february 19, 2018} {rankings: #2- #romanreigns #2- #wwete...
All I've Ever Dreamed by -SkylarWrites-
All I've Ever Dreamedby SkylarJackson
DA: No...way. SR: Dean, I'm assuming? DA: Wait, you actually responded?! That is so amazing! DA: I'm so fanboying right now! SR:'re freaking out on me. Or th...
The Dare {Ambrollins} by wwepersonal
The Dare {Ambrollins}by wwepersonal
**COMPLETED, NOT EDITED** "Truth or Dare, Dean?" Roman asked his best friend with a small smirk tugging his lips. Dean didn't even have to think twice, "D...