The Rogue Dragon

The Rogue Dragon

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Anythingeeky By anythingeeky Updated Jun 14

The sequel to The Last Dragon Rider

Scarlet, now comfortable in her own skin, has finally settled into her new life away from the society. She watches over the dragons and protects them if she has too. Right now that task is proving to very hard. Rouge dragons had begun to attack the cove. These dragons were not like the ones Scarlet knew, these were killing machines. When terror strikes Scarlet might have to go back to the place she hates most. But if she goes is it for refuge or to protect the innocents that live there.

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I thought she lived😰😰😢😢😢😧😧😧😥😥😥😥
rayer5492 rayer5492 Mar 10
It was woah.(for mr thats a great accomplishment.)😶😀😀😂😃😄😉😇😊☺
Tasty waffle? What kind of name is that? A funny one. H ha ha ha ha
Aw, sweet, I didn't even have to wait xD Thanks for taking the time to write the sequel!
Squirrel1218 Squirrel1218 Jun 13, 2016
Oh I expected it all right in the beginning of the first book you could tell that Ember liked Bane
Jadafig Jadafig May 21, 2016
It looks like my boyfriend