The Last Dragon Rider

The Last Dragon Rider

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*under editing*
It's my secret 

My name is Scarlet Haven, and I am a dragon rider. I've hidden for almost all of my life knowing if I'm caught I'm dead. Dragon Riders were powerful, they were feared and honored.  My best friend is a dragon, and my family are dragons, but I wasn't always like this. 

After the war Dragon Riders were hunted down and killed. Dragons were hunted down and killed. And everyone lived in fear of a new dragon rider or dragon, but it wasn't always like this. 

My mission was to prove that dragon riders and dragons were no different than before. Everything was going great until things take a turn for the worst. My human and dragon worlds are colliding all at once, and I'm caught right in the middle.

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Defenders14 Defenders14 Apr 21
Great way to start a story! I like how you wrote it in a way that readers can get to see the leaders and system right away.
Defenders14 Defenders14 Apr 21
Climb up. You are a dragon rider! Riding should be a second nature to you."
Defenders14 Defenders14 Apr 21
For the first sentance to have more flow to it, perhaps write it like "hunters! you must come with me! for if they see you, you will be killed."
natdiller natdiller Feb 24, 2016
dementialove dementialove Aug 12, 2016
Imma pet it... And name it Norberta. If you get that reference..  I'll love you forever.  (not the sentence,  just the name.)
justdoit132465798 justdoit132465798 May 05, 2016
Yay! Right to the point, love it. 
                              I read this one book and it took like 10 chapters untill we met the dragon!