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A Pinch of magic, and a dash of love{ bill cipher X witch! reader}

A Pinch of magic, and a dash of love{ bill cipher X witch! reader}

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YamxGrimLord By YamxGrimDarkLord13 Updated Aug 09, 2016

The reader finds out she is actually one of the last in her bloodline of witches . So she is sent to gravity falls to train to become a great witch. strange things are magnetized to this new found home however. She befriends the local twins and heads on adventures but in the mitts of her friendship with the twins a strange being approaches her. What will the reader do ? How will the strange being react when he finds out her dark secret?

/slow updates because life/(will be updating once a day soon though. But check out my completed Bill X reader " gods eye, ghostly sight" )

Black dress and black witches hat, and  my symbol is a bloody knife
EpicBelleCipher EpicBelleCipher 6 days ago
Me: Yasss I get to be a witch! In Gravity Falls!
                              Belle: Well, with me here, you're technically half demon, but I'll try not to burst your bubble.
LuckyTiggerTalia LuckyTiggerTalia Sep 03, 2016
I backpack that look like a Hogwarts suit case thing! ( i forgot what its called! Chest? Idk!)
Pink hat with black belt and pink dress with black belt around waist
AJ_exe AJ_exe Jan 22
Aye I'm pagan! The brooms are actually used for cleansing but I digress, this is just a story. As long as my athame is always at my side I'm good... My familiar is important too...🐅
cookieeaternom cookieeaternom Dec 23, 2016
Heh, when I started reading this, the JubyPhonic cover of Witch Hunt came on, the irony.