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A Code to DeCipher (BillDip)

A Code to DeCipher (BillDip)

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The Silver Wolf By SilverWolfATW Completed

Book 1 in a 3 Book series...

Dipper and Mabel Pines are back in Gravity Falls for another summer. They may be sixteen, but the thrill of the mystery is still there! For the past few weeks, Dipper has gotten little to no sleep. Ever since returning to the Mystery Shack, his dreams have been tormented by a certain dream demon...

One day, a stranger arrives at the door of the Mystery Shack. Yellow and brown hair, a triangular eyepatch over one eye, a grin on his smug face, the stranger lets out a laugh.

"Long time no see, Pine Tree!"

Having somehow been trapped in human form, Bill Cipher makes a deal with Dipper...

Bill drives Dipper to the brink of insanity with his violent humor and overall aggravating personality, but there's something there making it impossible for Dipper to deny him help, and it isn't just the deal they made...

A/N: The style of Human Bill in this story is Life-Writer's style! So...yeah! Just so you know, and so I don't have to try and describe him!

Dipper: And where would that be?
                              Bill: *sits up* 
                              Dipper: what in the fu- BILL GET OUT OF MY PANTS
Dipper:♪ I say I'm fine but I'm not fine! I'm dieing insiiiiiide and all I see are demons♩
                              Bill: ya got that right kid
                              Dipper:*can't hear him cause he's listening to pink guy on full blast through headphones*
                              Bill:............  •/
redreacts redreacts Apr 03
bill: hey how you doin
                              dipper: im doing just fine 
                              dipper: I lied
                              diper: im dieing inside
JojoTempestTheCat JojoTempestTheCat Sep 30, 2016
I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
                              I got sunshine in a bag
                              I'm useless but not for long
                              The future is coming on
bioluminescentARMY bioluminescentARMY Nov 12, 2016
It's 3AM at the moment. I clicked on this and thought "Yknow maybe this one won't take too long? How many chapters does it ha-ahhhh I'm gonna be up all night."
TheRavenKnight TheRavenKnight Sep 26, 2016
I agree with everyone else!!! But what u could have done to make dipper a bit more scared was if Bill ended up wispering "closer than you think"