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Castiel Novak is sleeping with his boss.. | Destiel Office AU

Castiel Novak is sleeping with his boss.. | Destiel Office AU

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LucifersSide By LucifersSide Updated Aug 23, 2016

Castiel Novak has been a member of Enochian Industries for two years. He keeps to him self and gets his work done, he has a smart dress sence and owns more sweater vests than the average 27 year old, topping off his looks with a pair of large black rimmed glasses. Hes always on time and does excessive amounts of overtime. But that all changes when he gets a new boss, Dean Winchester...

Hope you like this story
*Disclaimer: None of these characters are owned by me, i wasnt sure of some of the last names of characters so ive made up my own for them {e.g: Gabriel Trickster, Hannah Carol}*
*also don't own the amazing picture of Jensen Ackles I've used as the cover photo!*

thilesshipper thilesshipper Nov 10, 2016
lan ben metatron'un güzelliğini anlatıyo sandım dur olmadı
DA_Novak DA_Novak Nov 24, 2016
everyone describes cas as 'sex-haired' and im like *strongly agree*
Meanwhile I have one mug with the symbol of hell- I mean my school on it
Ellaisnotnormal Ellaisnotnormal Oct 25, 2016
I read this book called cut and there was this part where the main character said she was on the ceiling and I started laughing because I thought of Jessica and Mary and then I stopped cause it was rude
Notaboutdanormallife Notaboutdanormallife Nov 13, 2016
If only I had a transformer for a boss.... Cas is so damn lucky
Castiel_Jr Castiel_Jr Jan 08
He makes pies last longer than his relationships 😂😂😂